Christmas is one of those occasions that should be spent at home surrounded by loved ones. This festive season is a time of joy, where traditional foods provide not only the centerpiece for the table but the basis for a meal filled with laughter and love. Read on to learn how to have a stress-free holiday.


However, the preparation for this all-important meal is not the only part of this wonderful day spent with those nearest and dearest that will require preparation. There’s the shopping for ingredients, baking and cooking – and the pleasant but time-consuming task of decorating.

Holidays do not have to be stressful.

Planning and executing cleaning and organizing will help you to Stress-Free Holiday.


Prior to undertaking holiday decorating or preparing holiday feasts tasks it is always a great idea to clean house and a prepare your home. In that way, you will know that you can take pride in the way the home looks – and have the assurance that everything is in the place that it should, clean and sparkling.  And, it will help with having a stress-free holiday.

Below are some guidelines that will ease the burden of the essential house cleaning and preparation tasks, and make the Christmas celebration an experience that will on in the memories of all the participants.


Cleaning the Windows

Windows are among the most popular places to place Christmas decorations. They are perfect for any sort of decoration, but festive colors displayed at the windows will bring joy to not only those in the house but also passers-by. But in order to make sure that your Christmas decorations really shine you need to have sparklingly clean windows. Wipe down the windows with rubbing alcohol. This will make paper decorations easier to stick down and those delightful artificial snowflakes easier to spray on for a realistic effect.


Keep a Look Out for Dust and Cobwebs

Rehanging those Christmas decorations that had last seen the light of day during the last Christmas festivities and probably hung around until New Year mean that they had plenty of time to gather dust – a situation that probably wasn’t improved by storage. Dusty decorations will old and just won’t look as festive as they should look.

Give them a once over with a duster before hanging them up again. Check for cobwebs and dust in the corners of the spaces where you be hanging decorations – they almost inevitably gather. Hanging the decorations before the holidays is certainly going to be more pleasant without cobwebs involved.  Doing this prep work before hanging decorations is another way to have a stress-free holiday.


Pay Attention to Guestroom and Closets

If you are playing host to friends and family who will join you for the Christmas celebrations it is almost inevitable that some will end up as overnight house guests. You will have to clear out closet space in order to make room for suitcases, jackets, and bags (and perhaps even wrapped gifts if they are not placed under the tree immediately). Without adequate closet space, all those extra items are going to end up cluttering hallways and causing frayed nerves.

Your guest room should also get the once over with a vacuum, and all surfaces should be wiped down. And don’t forget the fresh linen for the guest bathroom – and essential toiletries like soaps and wipes. All that will give your home a warm and welcoming ambiance.  Making room in the closets and even emptying a few drawers in a bureau is another smart way to prepare to have a stress-free holiday.


Prepare the Kitchen

It’s always funny how the kitchen attracts guests at any function. At Christmas, it’s going to be a hive of activity.

Clear the Counters of Clutter

It’s always a good idea to give the kitchen a detailed cleaning to ensure that it looks great and is clean and sanitized.  Clear your counters of clutter. This is important so that you have access to all the equipment tools and appliances. Clear counters look so much better to guests.  And, you will have the room needed for all of the holiday food. This will be another key thing to do so that you have a stress-free holiday.

Clean Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Be sure to go through your refrigerator and freezer.  Yes, remove everything from your fridge and freezer.  An organized refrigerator and freezer look so much nicer to guests.  Throw away expired items such as 2-year old salad dressings and food that you just won’t eat or don’t recognize!  Next clean, sanitize and reorganize it.  Having a clean and organized refrigerator is an absolute must when having guests for holiday meals.  And, doing this preparation a few days in advance of your guests arrival will help you to have a stress-free holiday.

Rinse The Cutlery, Serving Dishes And Glasses

Wipe them dry too so there are no dry water marks.  House cleaning details matter when your guests will be eating at your home.


Deep Clean The Stove And Inside the Oven

Cleaning your stove top and oven must be taken care of ahead of time.  And for those who do not cook in their oven on a regular basis, it would be a good idea to check your oven works properly at the temperatures you will need to set it at.  The last thing you need during a holiday is to plan an amazing holiday dinner only to find out that the oven does not work properly.  Do this at least two weeks ahead of time.  This way if the oven needs servicing, you have time to take care of it.


If you have white permanent stains on your flat cooktop stove, I have great news for you.  They might not be permanent.  Executive Maids specializes in getting cooktops looking beautiful and clean again.


Cleaning your oven whether it a self cleaning oven or an older one that needs to be cleaned with a product like Easy Off is a very good idea.  And, always clean the glass door on your oven. You do not want that dirt, grease and grime to show through the glass window.

Clean As You Cook Or Bake

Cooking clearly creates messes that should be cleaned up before your guests come.  At Executive Maids, we highly recommend cleaning up constantly as you are cooking your holiday feast.  This will always help you to have a stress-free holiday.


If you do not have the time to deep clean not only the oven, but your home as a whole, don’t delay, call Executive Maids.  We will not only clean your home.  We will help you to stress-free holiday.  But hurry, so that we can get your home on our schedule before your guests arrive.


Make Sure That Bathrooms And Toilets Are Clean And Sanitized

Deep clean a week or two before your guests arrive.  Then do a refreshing clean the day before or in the morning before your guests arrive.  You really don’t want to have to be deep cleaning bathrooms while you should be enjoying the holiday spirit or when guests are arriving at the front door.

Clean And Sanitize All Toilets

Use some heavy-duty cleaner in the toilet bowl and let it settle for a few minutes so that it can do its job. Flush and wipe down – and make sure to get to those hard-to-reach spaces, even behind the toilet.

Scrub Shower Tiles

Specialized shower cleaners are widely available. Use them after you have finished showering as the heat and humidity help them work effectively.

Clean And Shine Mirrors

Wipe down mirrors with fogging-resistant glass cleaner (or employ rubbing alcohol). Both of these will help you remove soap scum, dried on toothpaste, water rings and fingerprints from high-gloss surfaces.

Final Important Tip

One final tip would be to go through every room in your home that your guests will use to remove clutter.  Seriously, clear, clutter free rooms will make your home look so much nicer for your guests.   Use a laundry basket or a box to gather any items that make the space look cluttered.  Tuck the basket or box away in the basement or garage.  Go through it later to put things away where they belong.  Here’s an even better idea.  If you don’t need those items that have been sitting in a basket or box for a couple weeks, throw them out.  Purging clutter is so good for your home’s appearance.  And, it will help you to stress-free holiday.


We hope you find all of these tips helpful and inspirational.  If you need help getting ready for the holidays, give Executive Maids a call.  We are here to help you to have a stress-free holiday.


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