Executive Maids has Suggestions for Getting Rid of Pet Hair -it’s easier than you think

Executive Maids has Suggestions for Getting Rid of Pet Hair -it’s easier than you think

Simply brushing your pet regularly can save you much vacuuming later. All dogs and cats should be brushed or combed every 1-2 weeks. If you begin while they’re young, they will quickly get used to it. If it bothers them, check with your veterinarian. The animal may have a skin condition.

Some people train their dogs to tolerate being vacuumed. Most dogs and cats fear these noisy home appliances, but a few actually enjoy the experience. You can slowly and gently introduce the dog to the vacuum cleaner, and it helps to keep the main unit outside the room where you’re grooming the dog and use a long extension hose with the upholstery cleaning tool. Take it slow and don’t terrify the poor guy.

Shedding tends to be heavier in the spring and fall when old coats are being shed for new ones. Even if the dog doesn’t get its hair cut at any other time of year, doing it in the spring cuts down on shedding over the summer. If shedding seems excessive all year long, take it to a vet to rule out thyroid or hormonal problems.  a fabulous tool to use to help get rid of the heavy undercoat that grows during the winter is a Furminator.  It can be purchased online or at petshops for an average of $33.00.  I use on all of my dog (all 5 of them) after winter is over so that they don’t overheat in the spring and summer.

Gently rubbing your pet down regularly with a diaper  wipe not only moisturizes the pet’s skin but also removes loose hair and dander. A lint roller can collect loose hair, but will not moisturize the animal or make it smell better.

Hair can be removed from furniture in several ways:
•Use a soot-and-dirt removal sponge.  They cost about $3. on amazon.  These look like cellulose sponges. They are made of rubber and pull debris off of upholstery almost like magic. You can find them at home improvement stores and other stores which stock cleaning supplies.
Moisten a rubber glove with water and wipe it over the furniture.
Rub with a clothes dryer sheet. It has a magnetic attraction for hair and fuzz.
Wrap packaging tape or wide masking tape around your hand and run it across the fabric when you’re cleaning small areas.

Sprinkling carpet deodorizer around the house before vacuuming makes the house of a pet owner smell better, but the same thing can be accomplished with a box of baking soda. It does nothing to make picking up hair easier.

Finally, vacuuming on a regular basis is the best way to keep your floors and carpets looking and smelling beautful.  Remember to edge the perimeters of your floors and carpets with the vacuum attachment. And one last reminder…vacuum under and behind furniture as well.  These are two places that pet hair tends to collect.