Hiring a cleaning service can lower your allergen levels in your home drastically.

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Just when it felt like spring was here in the Philadelphia area, winter started creeping back in. But in that brief period of time of warm spring-like weather, it was just enough time for mother nature to plant her seeds. The growth of weeds, spores, grass and tree pollens fell upon us. Everything started to bloom and it was just enough time to bring on the allergens. The cold weather in the Philadelphia area won’t last long and soon the warm and hot weather will be here. This also brings on allergy season and to many, the cold weather hasn’t slowed the allergies.

This means your allergy symptoms, the sniffling, sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, are in overdrive. What can you do to help lessen the allergies? Of course, visiting your doctor and making sure you are getting the correct treatment is a number one priority, but what else can you do?

Stay inside – the best way to treat your allergy symptoms is to stay away from the culprit as best you can. Pollen is flying everywhere. It is predicted to be so bad this year that even in the southern states where spring has already sprung, pollen is actually quite visible. The green coating is everywhere and for people who suffer from allergies, just looking at that thick layer on your car is enough to trigger the sneezes. Try to avoid the allergens as best you can. When pollen counts soar, stay indoors as much as possible. Pollen is usually at it’s peak mid-morning, early evening and when the wind is blowing.

Keep your windows closed! –  Keep the windows shut, even if it’s the perfect spring day. That beautiful breeze that you want to feel on your face is exactly what’s pushing all that pollen around and right into your house. Keeping the windows closed is a sure fire way to keep the allergies at bay.

Clean your house –  One of the best ways to keep the allergens out of your house is to keep your house clean. A light dusting everyday, over everything, will help keep you from having an attack. Keeping linens clean and fresh and carpets vacuumed will help get rid of any pollen or other allergens that can creep into your home. You carry that pollen in with you. You can transfer it from the outdoors just by stepping out of your car and going right into your home. Once inside, those allergens spread and settle all around your house. Dusting everyday will help keep it at bay.

Hire a maid service – Hiring a cleaning service can lower your allergen levels in your home drastically. They will clean surfaces and in places you don’t think to do yourself. Hidden spaces trap dust and allergens and if stirred, can set you on a sneezing attack. The professionals at Executive Maids have been keeping homes allergy free for years. They understand where the culprit lies within your home and they know how to attack and get rid of it.

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