You know what a gift card is, but have you ever purchased one for someone?

There was a time when gift cards were thought of being a last minute idea for people who were too busy to put much effort into shopping for something a little more personal. For us, Executive Maids Gift Cards make the perfect gift for that one person on your list that is too busy to take care of the cleaning chores in their home. But there are other advantages to giving gift cards.

Here are our top choices:

1 – House Cleaning Gift Cards Make for Great Gifts for So Many Occasions

Sometimes we are just stumped as to what to give our family and friends for gift giving occasions. Have you said to yourself I want to give him or her something different, something unique?

Well here’s your chance to WoW someone special! Giving Executive Maids Gift Cards are perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, House Warmings, when a New Baby is born, when someone has been sick or in the hospital, for Holidays such as Christmas and Hannukah and many more. If you think about it the occasions are endless that you think of to make people really happy by giving them the gift of love and time. It will be their most favorite and treasured gifts any time of year.

2 – Executive Maids Rewards You for Your Gift Card Purchases

How Do I know How Much to Buy a Gift Card For?

An average Single Home that is about 2000 sq ft.runs an average of 2 – 3 hours with a team of 3 cleaners. Cost is $150/hr + tax.*
An average size Apartment runs an average of 1 – 1 1/2 hours with a team of 3 cleaners. Cost is $150/hr + tax.*

Call to discuss your recipient’s home. We will be able to estimate the time needed to do a full cleaning.
Purchase a $200 or more gift card and you will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

For Full house cleanings you can buy gift cards for any amount. However, if the cleaning costs more than your original gift card purchased either you or the recipient will need to pay the balance due with another gift card, credit card or cash.

For Partial House Cleanings the recipient can limit the cleaning to the amount purchased (priority lists are highly suggested.)

*Keep in mind that some homes will take longer than others

*Our minimum service is for 1 hour at $150/hour plus sales tax.

3 – Maid Service Gift Cards For House Cleaners Are Cool Gift Ideas for So Many Different People

We have sold many Executive Maids Gift Cards over the years. We always ask who people are buying them for.

These are people you might want to consider buying this most unique and treasured Executive Maids House Cleaning Gift Cards for: Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, other Relatives, Best Friend, Lover, Spouse, Teachers, Nurses, Care Givers, Someone who is Retiring, Dog Sitter, Day Care Provider, Brides & Grooms, New Homeowners, College Students, New Parents, Loved ones who are Sick or in the hospital, Sunday School Teacher, Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Your Favorite Waiter or Waitress, Secretary/Administrative Assistant, Coaches, Piano Teacher, Employees, Volunteers, Girl/Boy Scout Leader, and the list goes on and on.

It will be their most favorite and treasured gifts any time of year.

4 – House Cleaning Gift Cards For Maid Services Are Less Likely To Be Wasted

Here’s a startling fact. For each dollar on a gift card that is not used, 25 dollars worth of gifts are returned to stores each year. So, what this means is that gift cards are typically for items or services that not only will the recipient appreciate, but will use. The best thing about gift cards is that they are used to go towards a specific purchase. An example is that Executive Maids Gift Cards can be applied to house cleaning services which means the gift card is likely not going to waste.

5 – Maid Service Gift Cards Keep Your Spending Budget Intact

This is of particular concern if you are holiday shopping and have a budget to try to stay within. When you purchase a number of gift cards for those on your shopping list, you can maintain control of your spending. For example, if you intend to spend X dollars on Executive Maids Gift Cards, that will be your total spend. If you were shopping for something else chances are that the final purchase price could be a lot more than your desired spending limit.

6 – Executive Maids Gift Cards Are A Great Way To Support Local Business

This is one of our favorite reasons for offering Executive Maids Gift Cards. That’s because when you purchase one from us and give it as a gift to someone you know, you are supporting our local business. We are based just outside Philadelphia in Cheltenham, Montgomery County and provide service to Philadelphia Tri-Counties in PA and Burlington and Camden Counties in NJ since 1993. An Executive Maids Gift Card can be used by anyone living in our service area (25 miles from our office) and keeps us in business to keep providing our service.