As hard as you may try to keep your home clean and tidy, there are many places where germs can take hold and move in.

At Executive Maids, we are house cleaners who know exactly where these sneaky little organisms like to hide and we get rid of them as we clean and disinfect your home. The interesting thing is that you may not even be aware of where the germs are. So here is our list of the top locations in your home that germs will gravitate to. Hiring a Maid Service will help to keep germs at bay.

1 – TV Remote Control

So you’re relaxing in front of the television with a friend or the family. There are snacks getting passed around about as often as the TV remote. Someone sneezes. Someone else licks their hand after eating a fistful of potato chips and well, you can pretty much come up with the rest. The TV remote is the one tool in your home that pretty much everyone will touch at least once per day. Our house cleaners clean and disinfect homes from top to bottom to eliminate germs. House cleaning tip: buy disinfectant cloths at the market. Wipe the remote after your guests leave and even once a week when you house clean.

2 – Computer Keyboard

If you eat at your computer or tap out email without first cleaning your hands you are just opening the floodgates for germs to find places in and under your keyboard to live. Any idea why the average keyboard has a removable keypad? That’s not so you can stash secret papers underneath – it’s so you can get access to where the germs are hanging out. Our house cleaners use hospital strength, pleasant smelling disinfectant to eliminate the germs in your home. House cleaning tip: wipe your keyboard once a week with a disinfectant cloth.

3 – Bathtub

Funny isn’t it? The place you go to get clean would be one of the most unclean places in your home. But when you consider the amount of dirt, grime and other stuff that comes off of your body after a good scrubbing, it makes sense that possibly some of it is not going to go down the drain. That’s where the germs come into play and they will multiply at will. Our house cleaners scrub bathrooms from top to bottom so that your bathrooms will shine and be germ free. House cleaning tip: Clean and disinfect your bathtub weekly with cleanser like Comet or Ajax or a bathroom foaming cleanser.

4 – Carpets

Hallways are a high traffic area when you think about it. Imagine how many feet, shoes or paws travel up or down the hallway in a normal day. The carpet provides a safe place for germs to live as they can work their way down to the bottom where you’ll never see them again. Tricky little buggers, aren’t they? Carpets anywhere in your home are breeding grounds for germs. Our maids vacuum and clean floors thoroughly every cleaning. House cleaning tip: Vacuum all wall to wall carpeting weekly and have professionally cleaned twice a year.

5 – Ceiling Fans

The next time you walk by yours, take a look and you’ll get it. The fan spins around and around and in doing so it collects dust and all kinds of floating debris and sends it throughout the room to take hold of the TV remote or carpet or some other great place that germs will love to spend time in your home. Our maids will clean your ceiling fans so that the dust and dirt will not be strewn around your rooms when you turn them on. House cleaning tip: Use a tall duster once a month and hand wipe a few times a year with a general purpose cleaner.

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