You can enjoy safe and tail-wagging, pet friendly cleanings when you hire Executive Maids.

At Executive Maids, we adore our clients’ furry companions! Our Cleaning Professionals are animal lovers who are neither allergic nor fearful. However, if your pet tends to be aggressive, we recommend keeping them in a separate room, crate, or enjoying a day at a local pet day care. Your pet’s safety is our priority!

Safety Measures for Pets

Your pet’s safety is our priority at Executive Maids. Our cleaning professionals are animal lovers who neither have allergies nor fear towards pets. However, if your pet tends to be aggressive or easily stressed by strangers, we recommend keeping them in a separate room, crate, or arranging for a day of fun at a local pet daycare. This ensures a stress-free cleaning experience for both your pet and our team.

Allergies and Fear-Free Environment

Worried about allergies or your pet being frightened by strangers? Fear not! Our cleaning professionals at Executive Maids are trained to work in an allergy-free and fear-free environment. They know how to handle pets with care and gentleness, making sure that your beloved companions feel safe and comfortable while we work our magic to make your home sparkle.

Ensuring a Clean and Pet-Friendly Home Specialized Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning a home with pets requires specialized techniques to address the unique challenges they bring. At Executive Maids, we have perfected our cleaning methods to tackle pet-related messes effectively. From removing pesky pet hair to sanitizing surfaces, our professionals will leave no corner untouched, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for both you and your pets.