Most people to give a gratuity to people who provide services for them (ie. hair dressers, nail technicians, waiters & waitresses, etc.) Needless to say, most client give gratuities to their cleaners in appreciation for providing them with outstanding house cleaning services. The cleaners do not expect a tip but very much appreciate it. Due to COVID-19 and cross-contamination of germs our cleaners DO NOT accept cash gratuities. When you want to add a gratuity, let the office know how much gratuity you want to give your cleaner and it will be added to the invoice. Our cleaners get reports weekly with their paychecks showing who gave them gratuities and the dollar amount. Gratuities vary from $10-$40 (for routine maintenance cleanings) and $20-$100 (for Initial Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleanings). Some homes need routine maintenance cleaning while others need much more effort to bring it up to the Executive Maids’ standard.