First off, Al Ergens is not the name of the guy down the street with the yappy dog.

House cleaning, whether you do it or your house cleaners do it, on a regular basis will keep allergens at bay.

Allergens are those sneaky little buggers that cause you to sneeze, cough and create all other irritations of your throat, eyes and mouth. We’re talking the things that trigger allergies. If you do not suffer from any type of allergy, you are either lucky or you are not human. Allergies affect the majority of us and are a reminder for most that the great outdoors can make you sick if you don’t take proper precautions.

The same basic idea applies to your home. Believe it or not, there are all kinds of microscopic floaty things that invade each and every room of your living space. If you or someone in your home is sensitive to these irritants, they are going to pick up something and have an allergic reaction. To avoid – or at least reduce the risk – here are some cleaning tips that will help.

1 – Drag Out The Vacuum Cleaner Weekly

Okay, here’s the deal. If you dust and vacuum once, maybe twice a week you’ll be able to remove a lot of those tiny buggers. When you do this, you basically reduce the buildup of dust which is where a lot of these nasty little creatures will hang out. Destroying their habitat is a good thing to do.

2 – Mop It Each And Every Day

Hard surface floors are tricky. They can help promote the buildup of dust bunnies. Dust bunnies usually carry allergens. When you damp mop all floors daily, the dust bunnies stay away.

3 – Go With The Double-Double

Here’s an afterthought for you. We could have edited it in but adding it here just helps to make our point. When you vacuum in your home, avoid using a regular vacuum bag. Opt for the double thickness type which will trap those microscopic critters so that they can’t sneak back into your home. Remember, allergens are too small to see which makes it easy for them to ambush you. That is a professional home cleaning service tip.

4 – Ignore #NoFilter And Use One

One of the best ways to keep allergens at bay is to use filters on your appliances that blow air around. Think vents and vacuums and humidifiers. There are special hepa filters for each of these that will trap allergens so you can remove them from your home with ease.

Or You Could Just Let Executive Maids Do All The Dirty Work