How Frequently Should You DustHow Frequently Do You Need To Dust Your Home?


Were you aware of the fact Americans on average spend 6 hours per week performing household chores? The chores include everything from doing dishes to laundry. Although that might not seem to be a lot, all of the small tasks can really add up very quickly. But how frequently do you need to dust? Maid Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL often debate this question. Keep reading as we clarify this.

What Is Dust?

You might feel like you need to dust on a daily basis if you are aware of what dust is actually made of. However, it is probably not necessary to do this, unless you have serious dust allergies.

It is mainly comprised of fabrics, dead skin cells, and dander. However, during the spring and summer,  dust particles are more noticeable when there is a high pollen count and you open your windows.

Pollen and other types of contaminants enter your home through doors, vents, and windows. However, most of it comes from inside. If you have a large household, kids, or a pet, your house will get dusty more quickly.

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Why Does My House Get So Dusty?

You may still be wondering why your house gets so dusty. Your windows stay closed, and you don’t have a big household or any pets. So where is all of the additional dust coming from?

A dusty house can be caused by several other things. For example, when did you last clean the HVAC filters? A majority of air circulation flows through the HVAC system, so it may be time to change the filters if they have a lot of accumulated dust.

Another reason might be your textiles and carpets. They trap dust inside the fabric which is released when it is disturbed. This kind of dust can be eliminated by vacuuming on a regular basis.

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How to Eliminate Dust

House Cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, FL are pros at finding and eliminating dust!

Dusting on a regular basis will make a large dent in all the dust that collects on high-traffic surfaces. However, it may not be sufficient, especially if any of the members of your household or you have allergies.

Microfiber cloths do a great job at trapping and eliminating dust.

Microfiber or Ostrich feather dusters are excellent for places that are hard to reach, including lights, ceilings, and other areas with low traffic.

***Cleaning TIP***  When you clean surfaces with high traffic, your cloth should not drench in the cleaning solution you are using. That can waste lots of product, leave streaks, and damage your furniture. Instead, use a spray bottle and lightly spritz the surface and wipe it down.

A majority of it will be trapped by this method, and also clean any grime off of the furniture and disinfect, including things like fingerprints and coffee stains.


How Often Should You Dust?

Here is the real question that everyone wants an answer to. How frequently should you dust?

Just count to three.

1. Detail Dust Once Per Week 

Some things need to be cleaned once per week at least, maybe even more when they are used on a daily basis.

For example, coffee tables, dining room tables, and desks need to be wiped regularly. Other items can include the following:

– End tables or Night tables
– Sofas
– Chairs
– Lamps

Although dust may not accumulate on all of those surfaces, other kinds of dirt might be seen such as cup rings, food particles, and other kinds of grime.

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2. Lightly Dust Twice Per Month

Surfaces that need to be dusted twice per month are those that do not receive lots of traffic. Hallways, bedrooms, guest rooms, and other areas that do not usually receive lots of traffic will need to be wiped every two weeks.

If you happen to miss one week it won’t be a big deal. Don’t stress out if you are unable to clean as often as we recommend. In addition to the above, dust the following surfaces and areas:

– Shelving
– Wall Decor
– Blinds
– Doors
– Baseboards
– Ceiling Fans
– TVs

Executive Maids is the best maid service in Bryn Mawr, PA. Training our house cleaners to find and eliminate dust is key to your home being dust free!


3. “Tall Dust” Three Times Per Year

Rarely used items and areas need to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Some of these areas are hard to reach areas.  They include high cobwebs, dark corners, and hidden areas of the house that are liked by spiders. We suggest using a “Tall Duster” to dust these areas.

You may want to clean those areas in the spring, when the summer ends, and right before the holidays:

– Curtains
– Plants
– Light Fixture Interiors
– Tops Of High Furniture
– Crown Molding


At Executive Maids,we know the importance of the high dusting, low dusting and detail dusting.


Dusting Tips

When it comes to dusting, the first rule is to first clean the highs and the lows after that. So if you want to get rid of the dust and cobwebs on the ceiling, do this first. Allow the dust to settle followed by dusting them with microfiber cloths. The best cleaning companies in Parkland, FL are experts at eliminating and keeping dust at bey for their clients.

Sometimes it is harder to remove dust because it combines with contaminants and other particles.  Grust develops mostly in bathrooms and kitchens because of the moister and grease in those rooms. Moisture and grease cake on the surfaces which makes it more difficult to get rid of.

This is called grust and is a combination of grease and dust. It can be found around the backsplash, range hood, and stove. To eliminate grust, you will need a degreaser, some elbow grease, and a scrubby.

Or you can hire a professional house cleaning service in Boca Raton to do the job for you!


Dusting Basics: Hire a Professional Now!

Dust may take up lots of valuable time. Think about it realistically.  Do you have time to dust your home on a regular basis? Professional Cleaners in Coral Springs, FL will eliminate and keep dust at bey in your home.

If your answer is no, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you. After working hard all day, you can return home to a sparkling house and relax. Instead of buying cleaning tools, allow someone else to handle things for you.


Executive Maids most popular cleaning package is our Bi-Weekly Perfect Maintenance Cleaning. 

Bi-Weekly cleanings ensure you will never see dust in your home.  And the best part is…they never have to do the cleaning or dusting themselves.

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