After a long day of work, nothing quite feels better than coming home to a beautiful, clean home after your house cleaning company cleaned your home for you.

Finishing the day off with getting into a freshly made bed is just so relaxing and feels so good. Unless, of course, you added mixing a couple of cocktails in there somewhere between kicking off your shoes and jumping into bed. Regardless of how you do it, a nice, neat, clean and perfectly made bed is a welcoming sight. But in order to have your bed made and ready for when you need it, someone has to do the work.

If your children have bed making as an entry on their chore list, then you are one of the lucky ones. What do you do if you don’t have access to that kind of child labor? Well, you could make it yourself or just call us at Executive Maids. Just for fun, let us go over the multiple steps required to properly make a bed. You guessed it, there is actually a bit of a science to making a bed. We’ve made so many of them, we have discovered some great shortcuts and share them here with you.

Shortcut 1 – Corners

Yup, each and every bed ever made can tell you a lot about the way they were made just by looking at the corners. Hospital or military corners are a quick fix that gives a bed a neat and tidy look. All you do is tuck a fitted sheet under the bottom of the mattress which secures it in place.

Shortcut 2 – Pillows

If you’ve ever tried to jam a pillow into a pillowcase you know this it is never an easy task. The cheat here is to give the pillow a karate chop lengthwise and fold it in half at one end. With the corners held together you can easily slide the pillowcase on. When you let go of the corners, fluff or gently shake the covered pillow to completely fill out the pillowcase.

Shortcut 3 – Sheets

Bed making is never complete without sheets. But this shortcut involves removing them from the dryer before they are completely dry. The reason for this is that the damp sheet is easier to stretch into place when making your bed. The secondary tip here is to carry out this action in the morning to allow the sheets to completely dry before you hop into your bed at night.

Shortcut 4 – Pillows (Again)

Nothing gives your bed a better look than decorating it with accent pillows. However, you can’t just toss them at the bed hoping the pillows will figure out what you had in mind. By layering the pillows, you will create an attractive visual that is a welcoming sight for a sore body.