Read on to learn about 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Cleaning Company.

Below are 5 mistakes that you should avoid making when hiring a cleaning company:

1. Cheapest-quote-wins criteria:

It is pretty easy to find a cheap company or local cleaning gal to do the cleaning for you but you must ask yourself whether it is worth it. Choosing a cheap cleaning company in Boca Raton may end up being problematic and costly to you. Hiring a cheaper service might save you some money upfront because they may not have invested in proper training for their employees or have proper and necessary insurance policies that would protect you and your home. But woe to you when a problem happens while that uninsured cleaner is cleaning your home.

Hiring a cheaper cleaning service could possibly have financially devastating repercussions for you.

While it is important to cut costs for some things, choosing a cheaper cleaning service in Philadelphia could potentially cost you a lot of money in the long run. If an uninsured house cleaner breaks or damages something of great value in your home, you could be at a total loss. Think of the value of your home and your contents. Do you want them to be unprotected? Executive Maids carries full liability insurance for your protection. Ask for a Certificate of Insurance when considering hiring a cleaning service in Delray Beach. It is not only your right, it is the smart thing to do. We recommend that you never hire uninsured cleaning companies or housekeepers.

Hiring Legal, insured cleaning companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the smartest and safest choice for you.

Homeowners insurance won’t pay your housecleaner’s medical bill if he or she has an accident and gets injured while cleaning your home.

Did you know that if that if an uninsured cleaner trips and falls and is injured while cleaning your home, that you are responsible for not just her medical bills, but you could be sued for lost wages? No, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover that.

So, again, saving a few dollars for cheaper house cleaning could be very costly to you. Ask for proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance to be sure you have hired a safe cleaning company. Executive Maids can provide proof of both types of insurance to give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Hiring an insured cleaning company in Coral Springs, FL will give you the peace of mind you need and want when bringing people into your home to clean.

2. Lack of Written Cost Estimates and Pricing:

As a matter of necessity, we recommend you always request documentation of estimates and costs for anyone you hire, not just from your general contractor or electrician or plumber. Getting written estimates and pricing from potential house cleaning companies in writing is important too. Having this in writing will provide you with an avenue to clarify any ambiguous elements of the pricing. Just like with any service you get done in your home, sometimes the process takes longer or requires more work than anticipated. A good cleaning company should have a policy of how that it handled professionally so that you are not surprised with a much higher bill at the end of your cleanings. Ask potential cleaning companies you are interested in to provide you with clear written estimates and policies and procedures when it comes to their fees. When you hire Executive Maids, all estimates are sent to you when you first inquire about our services. Hiring an professional cleaning company in Pompano Beach, FL will give you clarity on the scope of cleaning that will be done in your home.

3. Not Hiring a Local Cleaning Company

Hiring a local cleaning company that is headquartered near your home is an important consideration to make. A local cleaning company is advantageous to you because in case the assigned house cleaning technician is experiencing challenges like illness and thus unable to show up for work, it is easier for the company to assign another employee to clean your home. A company based far away probably can’t do that.

In addition to that, your home may require last minute cleaning services, for example your mother in law calls and says she’s coming for the weekend. Oh my! Hiring a local cleaning company might just make it easier to schedule a last minute cleaning when sudden cleaning arise. Cleaning companies in Parkland, FL who are further away might not be able to send someone for last minute cleaning “emergencies.”

4. Not Digging Deep about the House Cleaners Sent to Your Home

It’s extremely important to find out exactly how your house cleaning company interviews, vets and trains their House Cleaning Technicians. It is absolutely okay to ask them about their interviewing, hiring and training processes. You have that right. It’s important to you! After all, you want to feel safe when their house cleaners in Philadelphia come into your home.

Dig deep. You may be surprised how lightly they interview and vet. And, you might find that they don’t really train their employees at all. People think that anyone can clean and that training is not important. Trust me. It is very important.

At Executive Maids we feel our interviewing, hiring and training processes are the most important things we do.

  • We ask a lot of psychological questions at the interview looking for red flags for behavior unbecoming of Executive Maids.
  • Next we talk with the last 10 years current and past employers about the applicant’s work ethics, job performance and attendance. Believe it or not, all three are important to you. Why? Just think about that for a minute.
  • Then we run a criminal background check. No one is hired who has a history that would put you, your family and home at risk.
  • If an applicant passes this process then we make the job offer and begin a rigorous training process. Yes, our cleaners have to pass that too before we send them to your home. Training starts with our online video training. This is just to get started. This is followed by a 100 question exam which they have to pass with a score of 92% or higher before they can move on to the next step.
  • Next they go through a week of intense one-on-one field training. And, by the time they finish field training, they are “Cleaning Ninjas.”

Our cleaning techs are all prepared to give you home the best cleaning possible.

So, when you are interviewing cleaning companies, if their interviewing, vetting and training processes seem less than rigorous, you might be well served to pass them by and call Executive Maids. We provide you with safe and fully trained House Cleaning Technicians in Boynton Beach, FL.

5. Lack of Knowing How a Cleaning Does Business

Just like every other genuine company, a cleaning company in Delray Beach, FL needs to have its policies and procedures clearly outlined and made available to its potential clients. It is advisable to read them before you decide to hire them. This will give you a clear idea of how the company operates and does business. If a cleaning company in Boca Raton, FL can’t give you a written document of how they do business, well, perhaps you should pass on hiring them. At Executive Maids, our Policies and Procedures is on our website. And, we send you a copy of them when you first inquire about our services. We are fully transparent with our clients.

We hope this article helped you learn about 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Cleaning Company. When checking out our competitors, if you have questions about information they gave you, give us a call. We’ve been a leader in the cleaning service industry since 1993. And we are here to help you avoid making costly mistakes when hiring a maid service.

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