We appreciate your trust in allowing us to care for your home!

Our policies are designed to help minimize risks and clarify expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (FL) 561-293-2700 OR (PA/NJ) 215-690-4000 or send an email to customerservice@executivemaids.com if you have any questions about our policies.

Service Areas. Executive Maids House Cleaning services 2 locations:

We clean homes within 15 miles of Philadelphia, PA 19111 and Boynton Beach, FL 33436

Pricing and Payment Policies

1. Fair Price Estimates. We charge a fair price for outstanding cleaning services. Our estimates are based solely on the square footage of your home and your rating of the level of cleaning needed. When we arrive at your home, if your home is not as described, your estimate will be modified accordingly. See our Dirt Code document.

2. Changes from Original Estimates. We offer an upfront price estimate before we even enter your home, based on what you tell us about the size of your home and the level of cleaning needed. We reserve the right to change the estimate, including any applicable discounts, if the actual size or circumstances of your home are not as described, or if the package option selected is inappropriate.

3. Non-Refundable Deposit. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all first-time cleanings. This will be charged when your first visit is scheduled and will be applied to your cleaning. In the event that you cancel the service after it is scheduled, we will retain the full deposit.

4. Rate Increases. We reserve the right to raise our rates as needed to adjust for costs, however we will always give our clients advance notice of any price increase.

5. Scheduling Requests. We employ the best cleaning technicians in the Philadelphia, PA and Boynton Beach, FL areas. When you hire Executive Maids, you can trust that you’ll get a great cleaning every time we visit your home. While we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific house cleaning technician or precise arrival window in advance, we will always notify you of our estimated arrival time in advance of your cleaning date and time, via text and email 5 days, 1 day and 2 hours before the estimated time of arrival. For clients who book our recurring services, we offer the convenience of the same day of the week for every cleaning, whether you prefer every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. Please note that if you reschedule a cleaning, we cannot guarantee the same day of the week for the new cleaning date. See our Reschedule Policy below for more details.

6. Rescheduling. We require at least 48 hours’ notice for rescheduling. For Recurring Cleanings, please note that Executive Maids offers discounted pricing for cleanings scheduled on a regular basis. This allows us to keep your home consistently clean and provide our cleaning technicians with a predictable work schedule and stable income.

While we understand that it may be necessary to reschedule an appointment, the longer we go between cleanings, the more work our technicians will have to do to restore your home to the appropriate condition.

If your regular Recurring Cleaning frequency is weekly or every two weeks, you may reschedule a cleaning for any day prior to your next scheduled cleaning at no extra charge (excepting Late Change Fees, if applicable).

If your regular Recurring Cleaning frequency is every four weeks and you reschedule a Recurring Cleaning for more than seven (7) days from the original date, there will be a $35 fee added to the catch-up cleaning to cover the additional work.

Any reschedule request will apply only to the date that you specify on the request form and will not affect your regular cleaning schedule. If you need to reschedule more than one cleaning, please submit a separate reschedule request form for each date. If you need to change your entire Recurring Cleaning schedule, please contact our office.

7. Cancellations. 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellations. See our cancellation policy.

8. Skipping a Cleaning.

When there is a longer period between regularly scheduled cleanings it takes longer to clean. Skip fees cover the extra time needed to clean when you skip cleanings.

If your regular Recurring Cleaning frequency is WEEKLY, you will be charged a $35 skip fee for any skipped cleaning at the next Weekly cleaning.

If your Recurring Cleaning frequency is every BI-WEEKLY, you will be charged a $50 skip fee for any skipped cleaning at the next BI-WEEKLY cleaning.

If your Recurring Cleaning frequency is MONTHLY (every 28 days), you will be charged a $100 skip fee for any skipped MONTHLY cleaning at the next cleaning.

Regardless of your regular schedule, if you skip two cleanings in a row, you will be charged the full, non-discounted price for the catch-up cleaning.

9. Late Changes and Late Cancellations. Because our cleaning technicians are scheduled in advance, late changes and cancellations are very disruptive. If you cancel or reschedule a service less than 48 hours before your originally scheduled date, we will charge a $100 late cancellation fee to help compensate the cleaning technicians for the loss of income. If your cleaning is scheduled for a Monday, we request notice of cancellation by 9 a.m. on the preceding Friday to avoid the fee.

10. Lockouts/Day of Service Cancellations. Lockouts and Day of Service Cancellations are charged for the full fee. If you cancel the day service is scheduled or if your house cleaning technician arrives at your home and cannot gain entry or is denied access, we will charge you the full cost of the cleaning to compensate the cleaning technician for their lost time.

11. Happiness Guarantee. We want you to be delighted with our service! If you are dissatisfied with any of our cleaning services, please contact us right away so that we can make it right. We will first assess the situation to make sure that we understand the concern, then will re-clean the
problem area at no cost to you. The re-clean must be completed within two business days following your initial date of service. If you are still not satisfied and Executive Maids is at fault, we will offer a refund or partial refund according to the circumstances. Please note that for us to offer a refund, we require that a re-clean must be accepted and completed within two business days from the initial date of service.

12. Dependability Guarantee. We want you to be able to count on us. Our cleaning technicians rarely arrive later than scheduled unless there is extremely heavy traffic or another unusual occurrence, in which case we will notify you as soon as possible. If the arrival window has passed and you have not heard from us, please call us at (FL) 561-293-2700 OR (PA/NJ) 215-690-4000 so we can investigate. In the unlikely event that we do not clean your home the day of your scheduled appointment, the cleaning will be rescheduled for the earliest possible date. That’s our Dependability Guarantee.

13. Billing. When you schedule your first service with us, we will take a credit card that will be kept securely filed for payments. Payment is due at the time of each cleaning service and your card will be charged the day of each cleaning. If your credit card is declined for any reason, we will contact you and ask for this to be remedied within three (3) business days. If payment is not made within three (3) business days following a cleaning, we will assess a late payment fee of $10 per day, and will pause all scheduled services until payment is made. If your service is paused, you may lose your place in the schedule.

14. Gratuities. Giving your House Cleaning Technicians is optional, but it is a lovely way to tell your cleaner that you think they did a great job. If you would like to tip your cleaner, we suggest a range of 10% to 20% of the price of the cleaning. All gratuities are added to your invoice and paid by credit card. Our House Cleaning Techs prefer to receive all their gratuities in their paycheck because receiving them as a lump sum helps pay their bills as opposed to receiving cash gratuities daily.

You can add gratuities by calling, emailing or texting our office.

Breakage Policy

Our professional cleaning technicians do their best to protect your home and possessions, but we know that sometimes things get broken despite precautions. Accordingly, we have worked hard to develop a clear and fair policy to cover accidental breakage.

  • Please call us at (FL) 561-293-2700 OR (PA/NJ) 215-690-4000 to report any instance of breakage as soon as possible after you notice it so that we can make it right. Breakage must be reported within 7 (seven) days of the incident. Please save the broken item for our inspection. We will review every incident of breakage on a case-by-case basis.
  • When value is verifiable and breakage is clearly due to negligence on the part of an Executive Maids employee, we will reimburse the cost of any broken item up to $100.00 per item. Item values over $25 must be verified before replacement or reimbursement will be authorized.
  • When appropriate, we will pay to have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company instead of reimbursing the cost of the item.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for breakage due to objects that are inherently unstable or delicate, or inappropriately placed, such as top-heavy items with inadequate bases, improperly hung pictures, or wobbly objects. Such situations are regarded as accidents-in-waiting and may occur no matter how carefully our cleaning technicians are working.
  • In addition, we have noticed that the materials used in many window blinds can become brittle over time and may break while cleaning, or even while opening or closing them. Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for damages to older blinds. If this is a risk you cannot accept, please let our office know which areas we should avoid and we will add it to your home details.
  • Please move fragile, unstable, or expensive items to a location we do not clean, or ask us to skip that area completely if you do not wish to accept the risk of accidental damage.

Other Cleaning Policies

1. Employee safety. Our cleaning technicians are the heart of Executive Maids. Their safety is paramount important to us. The areas to be cleaned must be accessible without excess clutter or hazardous conditions. Indoor temperatures must also be appropriate for them to work safely. For this reason, be aware that in hot weather, your home must have air conditioning. Our technicians may change the setting for the air conditioning down to 75 degrees Fahrenheit while working in your home; they will reset it to your preferred setting before they leave.

2. Cleaning Products and Tools. We provide all cleaning products and tools necessary to clean your home with exception of toilet brushes, vacuums and any specialty cleaning products you would like your house cleaning tech to use.

If your vacuum is not working, your house cleaning technician will use his/her back up vacuum for that house cleaning. It will be necessary for you to get your vacuum repaired or get a new vacuum prior to your next cleaning.

If you want us to use one or more of your cleaning products, we must know in advance of the cleaning the name of the product, where it is kept and specific areas/items it is to be used for and specific instructions how to use it.

We will not clean with bleach. If you would like bleach used for anything, please spray it prior to the arrival of your house cleaning technician.

3. Pet policy. All pets must be secured during cleanings. However, pets may roam freely, if both you and the House Cleaning Technician are comfortable with your pet roaming freely. House Cleaning Techs are not able to let your pets outside or to bring them in for you. Cleaning up pet waste or changing litter boxes fall outside our scope of cleaning services.

4. Moving Collections. If you have collections, ie. Figurines, crystal, ceramic, or other breakables, we cannot move it to clean unless an agreement is made between the client and Executive Maids in advance of cleanings. Please move the collections prior to the house cleaning tech cleaning the room your collection is in. And, it will be your responsibility to put the collection back.

5. Answering Doors. Our House Cleaning Technicians will not answer or open doors for people who knock at your door or ring your doorbell. They will not sign for mail or packages.

6.No unfair solicitation of employees. At Executive Maids, we are proud of our wonderful House Cleaning Technicians. We put a lot of time, money, and effort into recruiting, hiring, and training only the best people. Sadly, some past clients have tried to take advantage of our hard work by trying to “poach” our employees. Please note that our employment contract prohibits employees from accepting private work for Executive Maids clients unless Executive Maids is compensated with a finder fee of $2,500. Please do not solicit our employees for side jobs or direct hire outside of this contract. Not only does this place our employee in an awkward situation, but it is also unfair to our small business. If you attempt to solicit an employee for private hire without paying the required finder fee, all future services will be immediately terminated.

7. Additional Services available with advance notice. In addition to our standard Cleaning Packages, we offer an array of Add-On services which can be scheduled along with your main cleaning. These services may be added to any cleaning on a one-time or recurring basis.

Please contact us (FL) 561-293-2700 OR (PA/NJ) 215-690-4000 or email customerservice@executivemaids.com for pricing and scheduling.

Add-On services must be requested at least one business day in advance of your scheduled cleaning and cannot be added the day of the cleaning.

8. Services We Do Not Offer. We specialize in cleaning your home effectively and efficiently and we offer a wide array of cleaning services to suit many different needs. However, we do not offer:

  • Dish washing. If there are dishes in the sink, we will work around them to clean the sink. If there are too many dishes for us to reasonably access the sink, we will not be able to clean it.
  • Clutter – Organizing items or picking up clutter, which is defined as five or more items in any given area, such as books, dishes, boxes, mail, papers, clothes, or trash that is not in a trash receptacle.
  • Cleaning extremely cluttered rooms or homes. Our cleaning technicians must be able to move freely and safely through your home with their tools and supplies.
  • Cleaning homes that have insect or rodent infestation. Certification from an exterminating company needs to be provided before we can return to clean again.
  • Cleaning inside of laundry appliances
  • Laundry or laundry folding.
  • Cleaning inside dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.
  • Moving furniture that is heavier than 25 pounds. If you want a piece of furniture that is heavier than 25 pounds moved to clean behind or under, it must be moved prior to your house cleaning technician cleaning that room. And, it will be your responsibility to put it back in place.
  • Wall washing (this also includes wall to wall/floor to ceiling mirrors).
  • Cleaning inside of curios, china cabinets, stocked cabinets, stocked closets, or drawers.
  • Cleaning behind glass or solid doors on shelving units or furniture.
  • Cleaning toys and plants
  • Washing any interior windows that cannot easily be reached with a step stool. Washing exterior windows that do not tilt in or are not easily accessible on the ground level of a home.
  • Cleaning anything more than six feet above the ground. Due to insurance restrictions, our cleaning technicians may not use any ladder higher than step stool. Ceiling fans will be cleaned with a duster or brush if technicians can reach the blades by using a step stool.
  • Heavy lifting. Due to insurance restrictions, our cleaning technicians may not lift anything weighing more than 25 pounds.
  • Cleaning in areas that are difficult or unsafe to access.
  • Specialty cleaning such as outdoor cleaning (patios and garages), television or computer screens, steam cleaning, or carpet cleaning.
  • Cleaning of bodily fluids, pet waste, or other bio-hazards except for an ordinary level of bathroom cleaning.
  • Cleaning clogged sinks, tubs, showers or toilets that have standing water or will not drain.
  • Cleaning heavily soiled areas or areas of disrepair, including rooms or homes with extreme dirt build-up, mold, mildew, peeling paint, or other unsafe conditions. If your home is in this condition, we can refer you to another company that can provide appropriate services.
  • Cleaning excessive hard water or mineral stains or buildup.
  • Any cleaning that would require cleaning supplies or tools beyond what Executive Maids supplies.
  • Shopping or errands outside the home.

COVID-19 Procedures

It is a privilege to clean your home and Executive Maids takes health and safety very seriously at all times. We have implemented several new procedures to help protect our clients and employees during the current public health emergency:

  • Our cleaning technicians will bring a face mask and will wear it anytime a client requests it.
  • We ask that each cleaning technician should have at least 6 feet of personal space at all times. If you will be in your home while our technicians are working, please help protect everyone’s health by remaining at a safe distance.
  • As always, our cleaning towels are washed before use in your home, and are washed thoroughly before they are used again.
  • Equipment and supplies are cleaned between homes.
  • No employee that is sick or has any flu-like symptoms is allowed to work.
  • Please note that we do not monitor the vaccination status of our employees or clients.

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