Ask the Right Questions Before You Hire A House Cleaning Service

Finding a reliable home cleaning service in Philadelphia PA or cleaning company in West Palm Beach FL that you can count on is not that easy. There are many options out there, from individual housekeepers and local professional cleaning services in Boynton Beach to national cleaning franchises. All of these choices can make it hard to choose the right one. Below are questions to ask before hiring a cleaning service.  Fees average around $25 for the local cleaning gals to $75 per hour for professional cleaning companies in Coral Springs FL, and there are pros and cons to each. Read on to leanr about the Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service.

To help you hire the best cleaning service that’s the best fit for you, here are some questions that you should ask the cleaning service to find out more about their operations and their staff.

How long has your business been in operation?

Running a sustainable cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale FL requires more than just general knowledge about cleaning and basic cleaning supplies. On average, around 50% of cleaning business startups do not survive past the first year. Almost 90% fail by the end of year five. This is not saying that you should not choose a newer company, but you get a better chance of getting reliable and high quality results from a well-established professional maid service in Boca Raton FL.  Asking about the longevity of cleaning services is one of the important Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service. Executive Maids has been in the business of cleaning homes since 1993.  Yes, that is over 30 years!  


Do you have insurance?

No one wants anything to go wrong, but things can happen that you’d never expect. In this industry, it is essential for the cleaning service to have sizable insurance coverage.

Local housekeepers in Delray Beach that do not carry insurance might charge lower prices. However, what if one of your valuable vases got broken while your home was being cleaned?  What if your beautiful wood floor was accidentally scratched up by one of the cleaning staff and repair will be expensive? If the company has no insurance, you will end up with a big loss.  For this reason it is highly recommendable to hire a professional home cleaning company in Parkland FL because they are, usually, insured for your protection.  Executive Maids is fully insured for Liability Insurance that gives our clients complete peace of mind.


We recommend that you always get proof of current insurance before you sign any service agreement. There should be a written policy about property damage.


Does Your Cleaning Company Carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

If you hire a local cleaning gal or a group of housekeepers working together, there’s a good chance that they do not have workers compensation insurance, which becomes a risk for you. If a cleaning staff got hurt while cleaning your house, you will be held liable to compensate for that, and that is something that you never want.  Asking about  Workmen’s compensation insurance is another one of the important Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service.  Executive Maids is fully insured with Workmen’s Compensation that gives our Cleaning Professionals and our clients peace of mind.


What is your process of screening job applicants?

It’s unfortunate, but many people with a criminal background have a hard time getting other jobs besides house cleaning. So, since you will be giving the cleaning crew access to your house, it is perfectly reasonable for you to ask the company how they get applicants, check their background and references, and other screening processes. You want to be comfortable with the people whom you allow to be inside your home.  Asking about the details of the hiring and vetting process is yet another one of the important Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service.  At Executive Maids we feel hiring the right Cleaning Professionals is key to our clients happiness and satisfaction. It’s for that reason that we have a rigorous and in-depth screening process.   


How do you train your employees?

We attribute all of our amazing 5 Star Google Reviews and Happy Clients to our Hiring and Training Process!  All of our cleaners in Bryn Mawr PA are very carefully interviewed, then vetted for the work ethics, job performance and attendance.  We also, of course, do a criminal background check.  Considering applicants with exemplary work histories and clean background checks.

Our training process is rigorous.  First our new hires start with online training.  They watch about 2 hours of trainings of how to clean just about everything in a home.  Next they take a 100 question exam.  If they score 92% or higher, then they start a week-long field training.  This is one-on-one in depth training about how to clean and how to treat our clients with the best possible customer service.  By the time Executive Maids Cleaning Professionals are finished training, they have become “Cleaning Ninjas!”  They are amazing!  We are so proud of all of our House Cleaning Technicians!


Do you have a cleaning task checklist that I can look at?

This is a simple but important question because different maid services in Pompano Beach will have a different definition of what “basic” cleaning is. Before you sign the agreement, you should know what specific tasks the fee will include. This will let you compare what other maid services in Delray Beach offer at a similar level of service. Some companies include tasks like making the bed, doing the laundry, and washing dishes, while others may not. So, to avoid any misunderstanding, ask them if these types of tasks are included.  Asking for a scope of your cleaning package is another one of the important Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service.  At Executive Maids, we have it listed on our website and all documentation that we give our clients exactly what is included in each of our cleaning packages.


How do you assure the quality of your service?

You should find out how the housekeepers or the professional cleaning company in Wellington FL monitors the quality of their service on an on-going basis. Is there a staff at the company who manages quality assurance? Do they do onsite checks at times? Do they send out customer satisfaction surveys or follow up with the client in another way? How often does the company do this? Asking about Quality Assurance is another one of the Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service. At Executive Maids we perform Quality Control Checks with all new clients after their 1st cleaning, 2nd and 3rd cleaning.  Then we automatically check in to do quality control checks quarterly. 


What if I am not satisfied with the results?

If there is something that you are dissatisfied with, but the maid service in Jenkintown, PA  does not attempt to make it right, you should not use that company again. A high-quality service like Executive Maids will always return to take care of anything that you were unhappy about. No one is perfect, and mistakes do happen, but Executive Maids will do their best for the client’s satisfaction.  While we rarely get complaints at Executive Maids, we are always prepared to return to touch up anything a client is not satisfied with.  

Who provides the cleaning supplies and tools?

In general, some of the local cleaning ladies provide their own supplies while others require you to provide the cleaning products and gear. However, if you are hiring a professional cleaning service in Coconut Creek FL, you should ask just to make sure. If they don’t provide their own cleaning tools and supplies, this would be a red flag because a quality maid service in Dresher PA uses their quality tools and cleaning products that they train their employees on.  At Executive Maids we bring everything we need to clean your home.  


How do you get inside the house when no one is home?

Whether or not you are home when the cleaners in Yardley PA arrives is totally up to you. However, if you know you will not be at home, we prefer you give us access in some way. Many of our clients, at Executive Maids are home during their cleanings.  And we love this because  we enjoy relationship building.  But, many of our clients at Executive Maids are not home during their cleanings.  They simply provide us with a code for the garage door or place a lock box by the back door for the cleaning staff. The clients who do this say they prefer it this way because it is always special for them to come home to a freshly cleaned home! 


Reliable Professional Home Cleaning Services

These are just some of the things to consider before you hire a home cleaning service in Villanova PA. You are entrusting your home to the cleaning staff, so you should make sure that you are hiring people who will take good care of your home and do high quality work.


Asking Questions Is Key to Finding The Best Cleaners To Fit Your Needs

Spending a little time doing your research will help you to make the most decision about who to hire to bring into your home to clean it for you. Knowing the  Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring a Residential Maid Service will be key to finding the best and safest cleaning company.

And, feel free to call us here at Executive Maids, even if you have a question about another service.  We often get calls  asking if something they heard about another cleaning company in Cherry Hill NJ sounded legitimate.  We’ve been in business since 1993.  We know what should and should not take place when people are cleaning your home in Mount Laurel NJ.


The Best House Cleaners

We feel Executive Maids is the best choice for you!   AT Executive Maids we invest a lot of time and money into making the Best Cleaning Company to hire and the best Cleaning Service to work for.  Happy cleaners means happy clients.

If you live in the Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Palm Beach County or Broward County  and you are searching for a Professional, Reliable Residential Cleaning Company, Executive Maids is your best choice. We take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients, and our professional cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry.


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