It’s sort of like a secret weapon when you are trying to clean in and around your house.

There’s no doubt that chlorine bleach gets the job done and done thoroughly. It can eliminate mold and mildew that can sprout into some scary, fuzzy stuff that is not good for you if you happen to breathe in any of the airborne spores that come from it. Chlorine bleach is also super at disinfecting surfaces as you clean them. In fact, it truly can be the professional house cleaners Philadelphia best friend.

However, as effective as it can be, there are a few really good reasons why Executive Maids and many other professional home cleaners do not use chlorine bleach. We prefer to use a hospital strength disinfectant which is as effective without the danger.

Here is a quick look at three of the downsides to using chlorine bleach:

1 – It Will Eat Stainless Steel For Breakfast

Yup. Chlorine bleach is strong enough to give stainless steel a run for the money. In fact, chlorine bleach can quickly corrode stainless steel and can actually eat a hole in it. Your obvious solution to prevent that from happening is ensuring both don’t meet anytime soon. This maid service prefers to protect our clients’ stainless steel appliances.

2 – It Can Have An Explosive Personality

Imagine the mish-mash of chemicals you have stored under your sink. When you add chlorine bleach to the mix you are actually creating conditions that can lead to an explosion. This is the direct result of the chemical reaction that develops from the various gases that are coming off of all the chemicals sitting in that cupboard. By storing chlorine bleach separate you prevent this from happening.

3 – Don’t Splash It On Stuff

Remember, if chlorine bleach can eat through stainless steel, it can cause other kinds of damage as well. If you were to get bleach on your clothes, the colors will fade. If any gets on your skin, you can suffer various types of burns. This house cleaning service does not want to risk splashing bleach on your belongings.

There Is A Silver Lining, Of Sorts

Chlorine bleach does lose its strength over time. Fortunately, it happens rather quickly. As an example, chlorine bleach that has sat for six months can be 20% less effective than it was fresh out of the bottle the day you opened it. Still not a reason for Executive Maids to use it. We still prefer using disinfectant. It’s just safer for our house cleaning clients.

Why You Would Use It In The First Place

Well, as we’ve stated, chlorine bleach is pretty strong. It is an effective cleaner when applied to vinyl siding, rubber mats, floors, shower curtains, garbage cans, countertops, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers and many other items in your home. Be sure to read the instructions before use which will inform you to cut the bleach down with water for best results. These are still not good enough reasons for Executive Maids to use it. We still prefer using disinfectant. It’s just safer for our house cleaning clients. If you want bleach, we just ask that you be the one to spray it where you want it used prior to the maid service arrival.

This is all to say that Executive Maids doesn’t use nasty Chlorine Bleach. We don’t use it at all because hospital strength disinfectant gets the job done the way we want it done. For your free quote or just for more information, fill out the Request A Quote form on our website or call us today at 215-690-4000. Executive Maids can provide you with many different cleaning services for inside and outside of your home. How lucky are you that you stumbled upon this webpage?