Should I Tidy Up Before My House Cleaner Comes?

Should I tidy up before the house cleaners clean?

If you are wondering whether to tidy up before cleanings is necessary, then keep reading through as cleaning professionals in the house cleaning industry shed some light on this. You will get to pick some important tips on the preparations necessary from your side before the arrival of the house cleaning service.

For any one looking to have some free time after a busy schedule, then hiring professional house cleaners or seeking the services of a cleaning service is the perfect solution. However, it is important to tidy up before cleanings as well as declutter as a homeowner so as to give the house cleaners in Boca Raton an easier time as well as receive the best service from Philadelphia cleaning companies.  Click here for some tips for tidying up your home quickly and efficiently.

Remember you are not cleaning before the house cleaners clean.  You are straightening your home so that your house cleaners can do the real cleaning.


Differences Between Housekeeping and House Cleaning Companies

Every individual should understand that a housekeeping company is totally different from a cleaning company. Companies have different standard operating procedures and policies which help differentiate between the two types of companies.

A house cleaning company in Delray Beach majorly focuses on the cleaning and sanitation aspect of spaces whereas a housekeeping company deals with the general appearance and upkeep of a space by tidying up. A cleaning company in Bryn Mawr will not tidy up your space as they are only responsible for cleaning it up not unless there is a special request.

Professional cleaning companies do not tidy up places as they are soley responsible for real cleaning. They do pick and move a few things here and there as they are cleaning different areas but not with the goal of tidying up. So by now, if you have been wondering whether to tidy up or not before the cleaning company arrives, you already have the answer.

Why Tidying Up Before Cleanings Is A Good Idea

Tidying up your living space before the cleaning company is arrives allows them to do the house cleaning more effectively, since if toys, clothes and dishes get in their way during cleaning they may end up spending more time and derail their cleaning plans. But if everything is in place by the time they arrive, then they will use their cleaning time as planned and give you as a homeowner the best service.

House cleaning experts believe homeowners should straighten up before the cleaning companies arrive. Again, if the place is well organized, the cleaning company will spend most of the time doing deep cleaning instead of picking after the homeowner. Cleaning companies in Fox Chase may help tidy up but the best use of their time is when they actually focus on cleaning the space as a homeowner is assured of receiving quality service.

One way to help keep your home tidy is by creating an organized environment.  Click here for quick and easy home organization tips and suggestions.


Is Cleaning Before A Cleaner Comes A Good Idea?

If you are looking forward to getting the most after spending your money on a cleaning company in Boynton Beach, clearing the space is always a good idea. Scrubbing and vacuuming is however not necessary before the arrival of the cleaning company as that is their area of specialization and they will after all do deep cleaning.  When you tidy up before cleanings by removing clutter from the space is key to your home not just being cleaning, but also looking great too.  A cluttered home can be immaculate.  But, because it is cluttered it won’t look clean.


Preparations For House Cleaning Services

Below are some important tips on how homeowners can prepare for house cleaning services in Wellington with the aim of maximizing the cleaning companies’ time before they arrive. They include:

– Sink should be empty, dishes stacked away.
– No clothes lying about.  Hang in closets or fold and put in drawers of bureaus.
– Unnecessary stuff like kids’ toys should not be lying around.
– No loose paper in the offices and workspaces.
– Depending on company policies, if the company is not changing sheets and putting laundry away, then homeowners should ensure their laundry is sorted, beds stripped ready to place clean linen after cleaning is done.
-Counter tops, dresser tops, desks, tables and even floors should be cleared. At the very least they should be neat and free of clutter.

Cleaning experts suggest that leaving your space clutter free ensures the cleaning company in Cherry Hill is effective and efficient and the space is cleaned well. Since the homeowner and the cleaning company in West Palm Beach enter into a relationship upon signing an agreement, there are several ways that can be put into practice to strengthen this relationship and they include:

– Communication

Homeowners need to communicate clearly to cleaning services if they have any special requests. This allows the cleaning company in Dresher to come prepared which leads to effective cleaning. Also, if homeowners make any changes like acquiring new pets or make renovations within the home,  it is important to communicate this to to the cleaning company.  This allows the cleaning company in Rydal to properly plan if they need to re-allocate more time to cleaning, adjust their schedule or even come up with alternative services that suit the client needs.

– Give Room To Clean

We recommend that homeowners give the cleaning company in Center City space when they start doing their cleaning. If one works remotely from home, then schedule the cleaning when you are sure the cleaning will not affect your work. Calls and Zoom meetings should be done in a quiet place free from the vacuum sound. When you tidy up before cleanings this ensures that you are out of the way so that your house cleaner is able to clean without you bumping into each other.  Think about it.  Are you be able to work efficiently and effectively when someone was working in the same space that you are?  The answer is no.  So prep before your maid service arrives.

– Pets

To ensure the cleaning company does their job well, secure your pets in a safe and comfortable area and inform the cleaning company before hand if you have pets.  When you have pets one way to tidy up before cleanings is by picking up your dog or cat’s toys.


Final Thought

Remember when you tidy up before cleanings you are not cleaning.  You are prepping your home so that it can be cleaned.  Prep work is something we do for anything worthwhile in life.  Whether you are planting a garden, painting your home or doing a big project at work, prepping is key.  So straighten your home to look the way you want it to look.  And leave the real cleaning to the professionals at Executive Maids.

Cleaning companies in Wynnewood do not clean toys, do laundry and wash dishes. However, they may clean the inside of cabinets, stoves and refrigerators upon request.


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