It may sound a tad on the creepy side, but whenever you use your bathroom, you are always sharing it.

Even if you go in alone, lock the door, close any curtains and turn on music or whatever to help you relax, you are not in the tub or shower by yourself. Like we said, it’s sort of creepy when you think about it and it doesn’t get any better when you realize that its germs that are keeping you company in there. Germs are crafty and do a good job of hiding but at Executive Maids we know bathrooms inside and out and know where these little buggers tend to hide. Here is our list of the top location germs will hide in your bathroom.

1 – Toilet

It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? This is the hot spot in your bathroom. One way to reduce the amount of contaminants you feed into the bathroom is to always close the lid before flushing. You’ll thank us for that tip sooner or later. House cleaning tips: Sprinkle cleanser, like Comet or Ajax around the bowl and clean thoroughly with a toilet brush around the bowl once or twice a week. Also, and very important, clean the top and bottom of the seat with disinfectant once or twice a week, too. And, and, and…clean the toilet flushing handle regularly!!!

2– Water Spigots and Handles/Knobs

This is another real hot spot. When you consider that in order to wash dirty hands you have to use those dirty hands to turn the water on, well, you get the picture. When you consider how many dirty hands will touch them during the course of the average day and it makes the toilet seem tame in comparison. House cleaning tip: keep disinfectant wipes by the sink to clean the handles, knobs and spigot after every use.

3 – Light Switch

Instead of doing the ole copy ‘n’ paste on this one, re-read when we said about the water spigots and toilets and apply that same basic message here. Yuck. House Cleaning Services should be cleaning these germy spots with every cleaning. At Executive Maids , we got that! House Cleaning Tip: Once a week walk around your home cleaning all of your light switches with a disinfectant.

4 – Toothbrush Holder

Oddly enough, in some homes this little item outranks the toilet as being the dirtiest, rankest place in your home. If you think for a moment about the scum that can form at the bottom of this holder you’ll get a clearer picture as to why this is such a dirty place in your home. House cleaning tip: Run through your dishwasher once or twice a week plus.

5 – Shower

Consider all the grime, dirt and goop that come off of your body and every other body that gets into the shower each day. Not all of it is going to get washed away down the drain. Maid Services scrub away the germs in your shower so that when you shower you know that feel clean even when you first climb in the shower. House cleaning tip: Squeegie that glass shower doors and tiles or towel dry after every shower.

6 – Floor

First off, a carpeted bathroom is an invitation for fulltime germ residents. If possible get rid of the carpeting. The floor, without carpet, still needs to be kept clean in order to ward off any kind of germ infestation. House Cleaners are great at vacuuming the hair and debris and cleaning floors. House cleaning tip: Hang small area rugs over a rack or shower door to air dry after every bath or shower, vacuum and clean floor weekly.

7 – Towels

Here’s why we left this one to last: your towels are breeding grounds for such fun things as fungus, mold spores and bacteria . The same happens to your bath mat if you don’t keep them clean regularly. House Cleaning Tip: Throw your towels, bath mat that sits in your tub and your area rug into the washer and dryer at least once a week.