How hard can cleaning windows be, right?

You splash on some soapy water, wipe ’em down and voila! Clean windows. Well, in a perfect world, that would be about all you’d have to do but there is a bit more to window cleaning than that. In fact, you could quite easily clean them incorrectly which would result in streaks, marks and windows that required another cleaning. So, to save you the time and effort in doing them twice, here are our tips on how to properly clean windows.

1 – Pick The Right Day To Clean Your Windows

You may think that the best day to clean windows is the day when you are not hung over or there’s no company over or you just happen to be a bit perkier than normal. Well, that may be a good start for you, but the best days to clean windows are those that are overcast and cloudy. Here’s why: when you clean windows on a hot, sunny day, the cleaning solution will often dry before you get a chance to wipe it over the glass surface. This creates streaks and reasons to just punch your fist through that window and calling it a day.

2 – Always Frame Your Work Properly

We used a photography term there to see if you are paying attention. Before you get to the windows, always wipe the sills and sashes first. Doing this after cleaning the windows will cause drip marks and cause you to consider smashing the window with your bucket. While that may feel good at the moment, it creates a different type of mess requiring clean up.

3 – Don’t Be Stingy On Cleaning Goop

It doesn’t matter if you use soapy water or some scientific formula to clean the windows. What matters is that you use enough of it to get the job done. If you only use an amount that you think you require for each window, be sure to at least double that to do the job right. So go ahead a slosh it on!

4 – A Microfiber Cloth Is Your Friend

Provided you are not using it to blow your nose, a microfiber cloth is the best tool for drying windows without leaving much of a mess behind. If you prefer using paper towel or newspaper, go for it. Just be prepared to spend a little more time cleaning up the little bits of paper towel and newsprint that will be left behind as both disintegrate from use.

Executive Maids Also Provide Window Cleaning Service

Have a bunch of windows that need cleaning but would rather watch TV or lay on the couch instead? We get it. It’s not a problem because at Executive Maids we prefer to clean the windows and have gotten so good at it that we’ll even do yours. For more information on our window cleaning service or any of the other cleaning services we provide, call us today. Executive Maids, we’re here to clean up after you.