Ah, yes. Back to school time has arrived. It’s that one time of the year that parents look forward to with happiness and some sadness.

Happy because you get your space back and that you don’t have to entertain your kids all day if they aren’t out with friends and sad because it means your days at home are going to be spent alone. Well, if you don’t count the germs in your house you are alone. Back to school also signals a time when you can get your house cleaning in order to make the school season a little more bearable for everyone. At Executive Maids House Cleaners we have come up with a short list of ways your home can be cleaned to help with back to school.

1 – The Bathroom(s)

With everyone needing access at roughly the same time how will it work out? House Cleaning Tip: In addition to keeping clean bathrooms, a calendar or chart on the back of the door can help to organize whose turn it is to clean it and how long everyone has to get ready before someone else needs the shower.

2 – The Closets

We refer to these as the clothing stations and in order for them to function properly, just prior to back to school all clothing and accessories need to be examined. Keep the time needed to get dressed reduced by having all surfaces cleaned regularly and clothing put away in proper places. A clean and neat closet will prove to be more efficient in the long run. House Cleaning Tip: Toss whatever doesn’t fit anymore or is not in style or too ripped to fix up and replace with new clothing.

3 – The Kitchen

Considered the eating station, this place can be crowded in a short hurry and as a result spills can happen. Keep everyone moving and food flowing by organizing the kitchen in advance and keeping it clean and tidy before and during the mad rush for breakfast. House cleaning tip: keep a container of disinfecting wipes on or below the counter. Get everyone in the habit of wiping counters after eating to kill germs. Killing germs will help prevent your whole family from getting sick and missing school or work.

4 – The Desk

The homework station functions best if it is always clean and tidy. Eating at the computer desk will add an extra layer of complication and germs that will require additional cleaning. But overall, when the work desk is neat and all supplies are handy and easy to find, homework productivity will increase. House cleaning tip: Go through the desk with your child. Organize it and get rid of clutter. Clean and disinfect everything on the desk weekly. Better yet, add that last step to your child’s weekly chore list. It takes it off your plate and teaches your child how to clean his or her future home.

5 – The Bedroom

This is the recharging station and as such it requires attention to all parts of the room so that spending time in it fosters relaxation which leads to good sleep. A regular house cleaning of this space requires removing clutter under the bed and throughout the bedroom. Flipping the mattress regularly as well as keeping closets and dressers neat and orderly will help. House cleaning tip: Rotate the deep cleaning of your bedrooms by re-organize and dusting from top to bottom throughout weekly. Lightly dust and vacuum the others weekly as well.

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