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Gift Cards2023-03-13T11:51:05-04:00

Executive Maids offers both Gift Cards and Gift Packages!  They are amazing gifts that will always be appreciated by friends, family, that special someone, or coworkers or employees.

Gift Cards may be purchased for specific dollar amounts.  

Gift Packages are based on the size of the home to be cleaned.

How do I determine what amount to purchase?2022-04-05T16:26:03-04:00

Average cost of Initial cleanings: 
up to 1500 sq ft – $200-$300
1510-1900 sq ft – $400
1910-2300 sq ft – $500
2310-2700 sq ft – $600
2710-3100 sq ft – $700
3110-3500 sq ft – $800

Homes must be within 20 miles of Cheltenham, PA 19012 OR in Palm Beach County, FL.

How does the recipient receive the gift card?2022-04-05T16:26:44-04:00

When you purchase the gift card online you will be given two options:

  1. Send the gift card to yourself.
  2. Send the gift card to someone else.

If you purchase multiple give cards you will be able to send them each to different people. *Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash. *If the Gift Card amount is lower than the house cleaning charge, the recipient of the Gift Card will pay the balance of the service.

Facebook offer requirements & free gifts2022-05-25T10:16:11-04:00
  • Purchase a $100-$199 gift card and receive a free Yankee candle
  • Purchase $200 + and receive a $25 gift card to put toward your own house cleaning!
  • Please see “How do I determine what amount to purchase?” above for the best recommendation!
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