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Are you in search of the premier residential cleaning service in Coral Springs, Florida? Look no further than Executive Maids, your ideal companion for achieving an immaculate living environment! With over three decades of expertise since our establishment in 1993, we have perfected the art of delivering unparalleled cleaning services accompanied by exceptional customer care. Our team of highly skilled professionals, coupled with efficient management practices, guarantees a transformative experience for your home, leaving you astounded by the results. Waste no time and reach out to us promptly for a prompt, no-obligation quotation, and allow us to bring a touch of brilliance to your living space!

Proudly serving Coral Springs, FL and nearby areas including within the following zip codes: 33063, 33065, 33067, 33071, 33073, 33076.

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Top To Bottom Detailed
Deluxe Clean

Your Initial, Deep Clean to Tackle the Dirt and Clutter

Indulge in the enchantment of an immaculate living space with our flexible initial cleaning service offered at an hourly rate. Tailored to address the diverse factors that can impact the duration of the cleaning process, we ensure that no area goes overlooked. Embrace the pleasure of residing in a flawlessly pristine home, even those elusive nooks concealed behind and beneath furniture. Say goodbye to the challenges of juggling your hectic schedule with household upkeep, as our considerate and meticulous service is here to alleviate your burden. It is time to recline and luxuriate in the radiance of a gleaming and revitalized sanctuary!

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Perfect Maintenance

Ongoing Cleanings to Keep Your Home Clean and Heart Happy

Discover the convenience and effectiveness of our maintenance cleanings, renowned for their streamlined nature and shorter time requirements compared to initial cleanings. Our pricing structure is thoughtfully designed to accommodate different factors, such as the size of your residence, the number of occupants, and even the presence of beloved pets. Additionally, the frequency at which you schedule cleanings also influences the overall cost. For a precise quote and tailored availability that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements, we encourage you to contact our office without delay. Our dedicated team is eagerly prepared to deliver exceptional service and cater to your needs with enthusiasm.

What lifts Executive Maids above all other house cleaning companies serving Coral Springs, Florida?

  • We send a “VERIFIED PICTURE” of your Highly Qualified Cleaning Technicians prior to every cleaning so that you know who is coming to clean for you.

  • We quote “BY THE JOB, NOT BY THE HOUR”. Most companies price by the hour and will quote you on the low end to earn your business, but when they arrive at your home, they’ll ask for more time, which is also more money. Since our price is FIXED, we never come back and ask you for more money!
  • We offer our 27-Point SANITIZATION SYSTEM, which kills 99% of germs and viruses on contact. It kills the common cold along with other viruses that make you sick. So, we not only clean your home, but we make it healthier too.

  • We use ZOOM to inspect your home with your House Cleaning Technicians before she leaves your home after your initial cleaning. We take a tour of your home asking to see specific areas in your home to make sure your home was cleaned thoroughly. After your initial cleaning, we do random Zoom Inspections everyday with every House Cleaning Technician. This technology makes Quality Control easier and better for everyone. No other cleaning company in our area can offer you this service.
  • We have been donating FREE cleanings to cancer patients since 2011. We are partnered with the amazing charity, Cleaning for a Reason. It is a national organization that connects vetted cleaning companies with cancer patients who are willing to donate their cleaning services for free. If you would like to know more about it or recommend it to someone, visit

House Cleaning near me in Coral Springs, FL
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We offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE so if you’re not satisfied for any reason, as long as you call us within 24 hours of your cleaning, we will come back to make it right.

Cleaning Services You Can Trust
In Coral Springs, Florida Since 1993

Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Trained, supervised & uniformed maids

Systematic, pet/child-friendly cleaning methods

Straight-Forward Fixed Pricing

Exceptional & Reliable Professional Services

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers!

What services does Executive Maids offer?2023-10-12T15:26:55-04:00

Executive Maids provides a comprehensive range of professional house cleaning services in Coral Springs, FL. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, standard house cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and customized cleaning solutions based on client requirements.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?2023-10-12T15:27:32-04:00

Yes, our cleaning team comes prepared with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. If you have specific product requests or prefer eco-friendly options, please let us know when booking your service, and we’ll accommodate your needs.

Are your cleaning professionals screened and trained?2023-10-12T15:28:14-04:00

Absolutely. The safety and satisfaction of our clients are our top priorities. All our cleaning professionals undergo a thorough background check and are fully trained to ensure they provide high-quality services and maintain our standards of excellence.

How much do your cleaning services cost?2023-10-12T15:28:51-04:00

The cost of our cleaning services depends on various factors, including the size of your home, the type of service requested, and any special requirements you might have. We provide a free, no-obligation estimate after understanding your needs, ensuring transparency with no hidden fees.

Are you licensed and insured?2023-10-12T15:29:19-04:00

Yes, Executive Maids is a fully licensed business, and we carry liability insurance to protect both our clients and our staff. Our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are working with a reputable, legitimate cleaning service provider.

How do you ensure the quality of your cleaning services?2023-10-12T15:29:51-04:00

Quality control is fundamental to our business. Not only do we employ skilled professionals, but we also conduct regular quality checks to ensure cleaning services meet our high standards. Additionally, we encourage client feedback, as your satisfaction is pivotal to our continuous improvement.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning?2023-10-12T15:30:19-04:00

It’s entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to be home, while others provide us with a key or code to enter. Rest assured, our cleaning professionals are thoroughly vetted and trained to exercise the utmost care and respect for your property and privacy.

Can I request the same cleaning professional for each visit?2023-10-12T15:30:47-04:00

We strive to provide consistency and build positive relationships with our clients, so we do our best to dispatch the same cleaning professional for each of your bookings. However, this may not always be possible due to scheduling conflicts or staff availability. Rest assured, all of our cleaning professionals are equally trained to provide outstanding services.

Coral Springs, FL Short History

Coral Springs, Florida, is a city located in Broward County. Its rich history dates back to the 1960s when the area was primarily marshland and untouched wilderness. This brief history aims to provide an overview of the city’s development, highlighting key milestones and significant events that have shaped Coral Springs into what it is today.

In the early 1960s, a visionary named James S. Hunt recognized the potential of the region and its proximity to the Atlantic coast. Hunt, along with his Coral Ridge Properties team, embarked on an ambitious project to transform the vast expanse of swampland into a thriving community. The area was carefully drained and canals were constructed to manage water levels, making it suitable for residential and commercial development.

In 1963, Coral Springs was officially incorporated as a city, with only 16 residents at the time. The city’s name derived from the abundance of natural coral springs that were discovered during the early stages of development. This natural feature became an iconic symbol of the city and played a significant role in its branding.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Coral Springs experienced rapid growth as families sought the suburban lifestyle it offered. The city’s master plan emphasized low-density residential neighborhoods, expansive parks, and excellent schools, attracting numerous families looking for a safe and desirable place to raise their children.

Coral Springs established itself as a leader in urban planning and community development. The city’s commitment to green spaces and environmental preservation led to the creation of more than 50 parks, offering residents a wide range of recreational activities. The dedication to education resulted in the establishment of highly regarded public and private schools, contributing to the city’s reputation as a family-friendly community.

In the 1990s, Coral Springs continued to flourish, embracing diversity and fostering a strong sense of community. The city’s cultural and recreational amenities expanded, with the opening of the Coral Springs Center for the Arts and the development of the Coral Springs Sportsplex, providing residents with a variety of entertainment options.

Over the years, Coral Springs has faced challenges such as hurricanes and economic fluctuations. However, the city has shown resilience and adaptability, consistently working towards enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Today, Coral Springs is a vibrant city with a population of over 130,000 people. It boasts a thriving business community, excellent schools, a diverse population, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, Coral Springs, Florida, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as marshland. Through careful planning, dedication to community development, and a focus on creating a high-quality living environment, the city has evolved into a desirable place to live, work, and raise a family. Its rich history and ongoing commitment to progress make Coral Springs a truly exceptional city in South Florida.

Proudly serving Coral Springs, FL and nearby areas including within the following zip codes: 33063, 33065, 33067, 33071, 33073, 33076.

Some things to do and interesting facts about Coral Springs, Florida.

  1. Explore the Coral Springs Museum of Art: The Coral Springs Museum of Art offers a diverse range of exhibitions and programs that cater to art enthusiasts of all ages. Families can explore various art forms, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media. The museum frequently hosts interactive workshops, educational classes, and special events designed to engage visitors in the creative process. It provides an enriching cultural experience and an opportunity to appreciate the works of local, national, and international artists.
  2. Enjoy Nature at the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital: For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital is a must. This unique facility focuses on wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and environmental education. Families can take guided nature walks through the serene trails, observing native plants and animals in their natural habitats. The center also features an informative wildlife hospital, where visitors can learn about the efforts to protect and care for injured or orphaned animals. It’s a great opportunity to connect with nature and gain a deeper understanding of local wildlife conservation.
  3. Spend a Day at Mullins Park: Mullins Park is a popular recreational destination in Coral Springs, offering a wide array of family-friendly activities. The park features playgrounds, picnic areas, and open green spaces perfect for leisurely strolls or picnics. Sports enthusiasts can make use of the basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball fields. Additionally, the park boasts an impressive aquatic complex with swimming pools, water slides, and a splash pad, providing endless fun and entertainment for children and adults alike.
  4. Discover the Tall Cypress Natural Area: The Tall Cypress Natural Area is a hidden gem within Coral Springs, offering a serene escape into nature. This nature preserve features a boardwalk trail that meanders through a cypress forest and wetland habitats. Families can enjoy a leisurely walk while observing a variety of bird species, turtles, and other wildlife. The area is ideal for birdwatching and nature photography. It’s a peaceful retreat where families can reconnect with the natural world and appreciate the beauty of the local ecosystem.
  5. Shop and Dine at The Walk: The Walk is a vibrant outdoor shopping and dining district in Coral Springs that offers a delightful experience for the whole family. It features a mix of retail shops, boutiques, and restaurants, providing ample opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Families can explore unique shops, browse through clothing stores, and discover specialty stores. The Walk also hosts various events and live entertainment, creating a lively atmosphere. Whether enjoying a delicious meal or indulging in retail therapy, The Walk offers a memorable outing for the entire family.

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