What comes to mind when you hear the name Executive Maids? You should see an image in your mind of a professional house cleaners working for a high-end client. You shouldn’t see the kind of maid service you may be accustomed to. That’s because we are different – very different.  The Executive Maids Professional House Cleaners will Impress and Amaze you!

The key factors that make us stand out from all other house cleaners:  the way we interview applicants, vet applicants, and train.  We don’t leave anything up to chance.  

Executive Maids are the professional house cleaners in Boca Raton.  We’d like to explain a bit about our hiring process. First and foremost, not just anyone can wear the Executive Maids uniform. Our screening process covers far more than just cleaning. Here is a closer look at the qualities we look for in the house cleaners we hire on staff.

1.Work Ethics and Morals Will Impress and Amaze You

That’s correct. We seek individuals who not only care about what they are doing, but do it on time, efficiently, and skillfully. They also have to respect the fact that they have been entrusted with access to your home. Your belongings are off-bounds. Sure, petting your dog or scratching your cat is fine. Taking their diamond-studded collar is not.  At Executive Maids hiring for work ethics and morals are the most important things we look for when we interview and hire.  Our house cleaners in Boynton Beach will impress and amaze you!

2. Doing Extensive Background Checks Will Impress and Amaze You

Even if a house cleaning candidate clears the first few hurdles in the hiring process, there is more. We dive deep into their past by doing an extensive work history.  At Executive Maids we look into their work ethics, job performance and attendance record.  Doing criminal background checks are paramount and key at Executive Maids. We have a reputation to protect and we also want to protect you. Hiring the best cleaning people in Bryn Mawr for the job is something we take very seriously at Executive Maids.

3. House Cleaning Technicians with Friendly and Professional Personalities Will Impress and Amaze You

Skills aside, when you have a team of professional house cleaners in Delray Beach descend on your home smiling and happy to clean your home, it says something. Mostly, it means that they value what they do and are more than willing to make your home look pristine. It also means that happy people get more done and have fewer problems doing it.

4. We Train Our House Cleaning Techs Extensively

So, what is so special about training someone to use a vacuum or mop and bucket? Well, at Executive Maids, our team of house cleaners in Philadelphia follows a carefully designed cleaning process. It results in an efficient house cleaning where nothing is missed and everything is cleaned. Want this kind of special treatment? You just need to call us at Executive Maids to book your appointment.

Finding a top rated, respectable, highly rated house cleaning company in Yardley should not be difficult, but we know that there are challenges. With Executive Maids, you will get the type of cleaning you expect and deserve. No shortcuts, no problems. Just good old-fashioned nose to the grindstone home cleaning that will make you glad you made the call.  Our highly trained house cleaners in Cherry Hill will impress and amaze you!

Executive Maids Professional House Cleaners Will Impress and Amaze You!

Looking for a maid service in Elkins Park that will exceed your expectations? Yeah, we’ll do that. It’s one of our goals. We like to give clients like you the kind of treatment you deserve. Contact us today at Executive Maids and ask for the “executive” offer. Don’t delay as it is a limited-time offer.

Executive Maids. We are more than just house cleaners. We are professional house cleaners.

If this hasn’t convinced you to use a professional house cleaning company we do not know what will.  Take the time to find a home cleaning company with great reviews and an extensive hiring and training process.  This will help to ensure you get the best possible house cleanings.


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Executive Maids. We are more than just house cleaners. We are professionals.

Executive Maids services Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington and West Palm Beach in South Florida. And we have been cleaning homes in the Philadelphia Tri-County area and portions of Camden County and Burlington Counties in New Jersey.


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