What does it take to run a leading house cleaning company for over 25 years?


“It takes a lot of drive, dedication, and perseverance along with true care and concern for your staff and clients.” – Dawn Zapf


Whenever a new business is launched, it faces a great deal of pressure. That ranges from competition and a number of other factors that may or may not contribute to the success of that business. The toughest businesses to get off the ground are those that are developed by entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs have something very unique about how they function in the world of business. Entrepreneurs are brave, flexible and somewhat crazy.

Taking A Crazy Idea And Turning It Into Gold

Dawn Zapf was cleaning one house a day on her own back in 1993. If that was crazy enough, she performed her duties in what she refers to as “detailed and thorough.” In other words, the janitor you have working in your office is on a schedule and may not dust as many surfaces this week as he may have last week. Compared to your typical hotel housekeeping crew, Zapf was really pushing the envelope. There were no dust bunnies left behind on her watch.

The OCD Cleaning System Filled Her Schedule

The truly “from top to bottom” approach she used brought her attention. However, the attention that came to Zapf was additional customers.

Spoiler Alert: The thing that keeps entrepreneurs in business is a growing customer base. What keeps them coming back is superior customer service and quality work.

Dawn’s cleaning system and her dedication to her clients is how her popularity grew so quickly. She had to take the next step in her business.. In order to keep up with the increase in customers, Zapf had to hire employees. The end result? Executive Maids has been voted “Best of Philly” several years in a row in Philadelphia Magazine.

The Concept Of Cleaning Is Passed Down To The Employees

Remember the “detailed and thorough” cleaning description of the Executive Maids Owners’ approach to her work? Well, that very same method, a systematic process where essentially no stone is left unturned, is the key component of the training program for each and every pink shirt wearing Executive Maids. In fact, the pink shirt is your guarantee that the cleaning crew that shows up at your home or office is going to be thorough. Make that, really, really thorough.

The Extra Stuff

Any entrepreneur knows that once you have a great product and excellent staff you can’t just stop there expecting everyone to clamor looking for your service. At Executive Maids there is also an emphasis on customer service at the management level. Also, scheduling and the customization of the needs of each individual customer have made this cleaning service so unique.

The Disclaimer Stuff

We would be remiss in not adding that Executive Maids are not only “detailed and thorough” in the way they will clean your home or office, they are also fully bonded and insured. Consider that as them being “really, really thorough.” They also provide a full satisfaction guarantee. So, what have you got to lose aside from some dust bunnies? For a clean that is systematically executed, call the Executive Maids today at 215-690-4000 and find out why they keep getting voted the Best in Philly.