Things your house cleaner wish you knew

Most people want a clean and sparkling home. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale, Fl is a great solution to your cleaning problem..  But, there are some things your house cleaner wished you knew.  These will be key in making sure that you have a cleaner who returns willingly and will always do a great job for you.

Having to do all the things you need to keep your house clean can be an uphill battle for you to do on your own. Hiring a professional house cleaning service in Pompano Beach, FL is the solution. By hiring a reputable cleaning company, you will find your home sparkling and once again find it livable again.

The good news is that when you hire a professional maid service in Coral Springs, FL to clean weekly or cleaning bi-weekly your home will always be cleanEven better news is that it will never get out of control again!  One more exciting fact is that you will never have to clean your home again when you hire professional cleaners in Parkland, FL to clean and maintain your home on a regular basis.

The results of hiring a professional maid service in Philadelphia, PA will be spotless floors, dust-free blinds, woodwork and furniture, cleaned and sanitized bathrooms and kitchen and your whole home will smell fresh and clean.

But there is a hard reality behind this magic.

The job of cleaning a home is physically demanding and can expose any person doing the cleaning to uncertain environments, like cleaning different homes with a variety of conditions every day.

In this blog post we are sharing 12 valuable insights and things your house cleaner in Delray Beach, FL wished you knew so can have a long and happy relationship with your house cleaner and your cleaning company.


Clear Expectations 

Professional cleaning companies in Boca Raton, FL will have a checklist of the scope of work that they clean and those that they cannot. Read this checklist carefully.

Reputable cleaning services in Dresher will send their prospective and new clients a list of services that are included in your cleaning package via email prior to your first cleaning. Add-on services are charged on an as requested basis.

We highly recommend reading over these lists of services provided and/or cleaning packages prior to your cleaning to ensure you know what to expect and what not to expect.  This is key to your happiness and satisfaction because every cleaning company works differently.


 Honest Feedback is Key to Good Communication

Since you are hiring real live humans to clean, not perfect computers, slight oversights are possible.  However, you should never find a gross oversight.

But, if you don’t communicate oversights that you find unacceptable, your cleaner might not realize that she missed something.  So, speak up.  If you find an area or item not cleaned that is important to you should feel comfortable by calling, texting, emailing or leaving a note for your cleaning company.  Keep in mind that your cleaners in Main Line PA want to make you happy.  Communication of feedback on your cleanings is key to your future satisfaction.


Micromanaging is Not Necessary 

Your cleaning experience is meant to be enjoyable.  It is not meant to be a time that you are on duty guiding and directing your cleaner in Lauderdale By the Sea FL.  This is definitely one of those things your house cleaner wished you knew about.

Professional cleaners are trained to clean thoroughly.  They know what to clean and how to clean it.  There is no need to follow them around your home pointing out the things they have not cleaned yet.  Trust their training and cleaning process.

Micromanaging indicates disrespect to the cleaner who is not only experienced but also a professional. It can also be a source of distraction that will cause them to make mistakes and leave oversights while they are in the process of cleaning.

Professionals always welcome and even invite you to do a walk through of your home after he or she finishes cleaning.  The walk through is your opportunity to look around and do an inspection.  Pointed out oversights  will be cleaned before he or she leaves your home.

Not all cleaners are professionally trained.  Sometimes people hire untrained cleaners.  If your cleaner does not seem to know what he or she is doing, ie. disorganized, does not clean thoroughly, then perhaps you should look for a new professional cleaning service in Wellington. This will ensure a pleasant experience and that your home is thoroughly cleaned.

How do you know if you are hiring a professional cleaning company with trained cleaners?

  • Ask questions before hiring a cleaning company in Jenkintown, PA.
  • Ask about their hiring and training process.

A credible cleaning service should be able to describe a detailed hiring and training process.  Nonprofessional cleaning companies or housekeepers’ answers will be simple or evasive.


The Estimated Time of Arrival is just that – Estimated

A window for arrival time indicates a period during which the cleaner will arrive.

Clients need to be aware of this.  Consider that there are variable that could cause a cleaner in East Falls, PA to arrive a little earlier or a little later.

At Executive Maids we have encountered dozens of random, unexpected situations that change the arrival time.  

  • Traffic – enough said.
  • They may have had to wait for a client who was not home at the time he or she arrived and had to wait to get in and start cleaning.
  • A client may have forgotten about his or her cleaning and that created a lock out situation. So now your cleaner would be early for your cleaning.
  • Cleaners have helped clients who have fallen and needed help.
  • There have been situations involving pets that took some time.
  • And, then there are always the unexpected things that need more effort than a new client told us about.

This is why is it so vital to describe real and true condition of your home when your cleaning company in East Falls PA asks about it.  An accurate description of the condition of your home will get you the most accurate price estimate.  And, helps your maid service to plan for the right amount of time needed to clean your home properly and thoroughly

Keeping in mind that your cleaner faces many different variables in every home that he or she cleans should help you to consider why there is a window for his or her arrival time for your home.

Remember, breathing room for the unexpected is necessary. This another one of those things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Clear Your Home of Strewn About Toys, Clutter and Dishes

Your cleaner is coming to clean your home, not to put away children’s toys or pick up clutter or wash your dishes.  When you do not prepare for your your cleaning by straightening, they cannot do a thorough job of cleaning in the time frame that you are paying for.   Straightening prior to your cleaner’s arrival is necessary.  Click here for a quick straightening tips.

Keep in mind that straightening and cleaning are two different jobs.

Cleaning fees  are based on the size of your home and cleaning package you choose. The scope of house cleaning entails cleaning, not washing dirty dishes, picking up toys, clothing or other clutter.

Having to straighten while cleaning, will slow down the cleaning process.  If you do not have time to straighten, it is advisable to discuss this with your cleaning company in Cherry Hill, NJ.

If your home is one that needs straightening, there are two options.  You can pay extra for straightening.  Or, the cleaner can skip the areas that straightened.

Keep in mind that communication is key to your happiness and everyone’s understanding of the scope of your house cleaning needs.

This is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.



Most house cleaners really enjoy seeing and interacting with your pets! 

But, they will not be comfortable with aggressive pets. Dogs may not bite, but even growling can be scary.  So, if your pet is one that shows aggression, it may be necessary that the pets are either crated or put in a room that the cleaner does not go into during your cleaning.

Another consideration is that cleaners are there to clean your home of “normal” dust, dirt and grime.  House cleaners do not clean up when your pet urinates or defecates around your home. This is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Allergies to Cleaning Products or Fragrances 

If you suffer from allergies to scents from cleaning products, it is advisable that you discuss this with your cleaning service in Parkland, FL prior to your first cleaning.  If this is the case, we suggest you provide the products that do not cause you discomfort.

This information is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Cancelling Scheduled Cleanings

Cancellations greatly impact your house cleaner’s schedule and income. Your cleaning company and your house cleaner in Langhorne, PA need notice well in advance of your cleanings.

Customers often feel that they can cancel a scheduled cleaning in Wynnewood, PA at any time and have it rescheduled at any point. But this is not possible for most companies as they are dealing with many clients all the time. All their cleaners in Rosemont, PA have a full schedule every day and will be busy in some house or the other, and this makes any same-day rescheduling impossible.


Recurring Maintenance Cleanings

Most cleaning company clients are all on pre-arranged schedules, ie. every other Tuesday morning or every Friday afternoon, etc.  Requesting to change that day may work out now and then.  But, considering that all other clients are on a schedule too means that when you request schedule changes on a regular basis you are asking other clients to change their cleaning day to accommodate you.  Sticking to your schedule as much as possible is optimal.

Alternative Access to Your Home

Since you trust your cleaner to clean your home, we recommend finding a way to give your cleaner access to your home when you cannot be home.  Most clients provide their cleaning company with a garage code or put a lock box on one of their doors (available for approximately $20 or less on Amazon.) for those occasions that they cannot be home.

The good news is that when you make arrangements for your cleaner to gain access when you cannot be home that are going to come home to a clean and sparkling home without interruption of cleaning services.


Cleaners in Villanova, PA count on their income, just as you do.  They still have to pay their bills, including when you go on vacation.  Vacations should not disrupt your cleaning cycle or your cleaner’s income.

Cancellation Policies Prevent Lost Wages for Your House Cleaner

Cancellations leave gaping holes in your cleaners schedule.  In order to prevent last minute cancellations, most professional cleaning services in Radnor, PA have late or last minutes cancellation policies and fees in place to prevent cleaners from losing their primary source of income.

Cleaners who repeatedly lose income because of cancellations won’t stay with the company they work for very long.  Avoiding cancellations will ensure that your cleaner maintains her income and does not need to find other employment.  And, we all know that keeping the same cleaner is what most clients are looking for.

Keep in mind that when you cancel your cleaning, it may not be a big deal to you.  But, it is a big deal to the cleaner you count on to show up regularly to clean all of the dust, dirt and grime in your home so that you can continually live in a healthy home environment.  This is another one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Cleaning Takes Time…More Than You Think

It is important to keep in mind, it took time for your home to get to its current condition.  It may have been months or maybe years since someone did a deep, thorough cleaning of your home.  Basic cleaning in Narberth, PA and straightening cannot compare to deep cleaning.  Deep, detailed cleaning in Pompano Beach takes time and effort.

Unless your cleaning service comes in with magic wands or can wiggle their nose to magically clean your home, your initial cleaning will take a while to clean.  Bringing it up to the cleaning standards you are looking for will take time.

Your expectation cannot be instant transformation.  Cleaning time and the efforts take more time than you think they do.  And, if you don’t believe me, try cleaning ALL of the dirty woodwork, blinds, tile grout in your bathrooms, floors, etc throughout your home.  Thorough cleaning in Bryn Mawr, PA takes time.  And that type of a deep cleaning will clearly cost more than you expect to pay for your follow up maintenance cleanings.  This is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Consider the Weather

When there has been a storm or extraordinary weather conditions your cleaner needs you to make sure that there is a clear pathway to the front door.  It is not the cleaner’s job to clear the path.  If you are not able to clear the path, you may need to hire someone to clear the path. This is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.

Cleaners in Yardley, PA need to be able to safely enter your home carrying all of the tools and cleaning products needed to clean your home without tripping or slipping and falling.

Last-minute cancellation fees apply after storms to protect your cleaner from losing income counted on.


Respect your cleaner

House cleaners in Northern Liberties Philadelphia are people who work hard to provide you with a healthy home environment.  They deserve, at the very least, basic respect. Calling them by their names, talking with them as opposed to giving orders goes a long way with creating a pleasant work environment and builds a long-lasting, good and healthy working relationship for you and your cleaner.

If you think about it, I’m sure you have worked for someone at some point in your life who spoke to you disrespectfully.  And, I’m sure you did not like working for that person.  No one will stay working in such an unacceptable working environment.  So we are hoping our clients don’t treat the hardworking home cleaners in  Logan City Philadelphiawho clean their homes that way.  This is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Be Respectful of Your Cleaner’s Time 

Everyone needs to feel valued and appreciated for their time and efforts. Cleaner’s time cleaning and their family time after work are important.

Taking a shower, taking a nap or cooking are prime examples of activities to avoid during cleanings. 

Cleaners need full access to your home for the duration of your cleaning.  Doing these types of activities during a cleaning will cause him or her to take longer. When this happens it causes your cleaner to be late for their next job.  Or it will cause him or her to return home late to take care of his or her family’s needs.

Adding extra tasks that are not in your cleaning package means that you are adding work without compensation for your cleaner.

Some added tasks are:

  • moving piles of things, clothing, boxes, etc.  from one area of the home to another
  • folding laundry
  • doing dishes
  • cleaning outdoor areas
  • cleaning the oven or refrigerator

If you need them done, please call in advance so that we can add the extra time needed.  Click here for a list of Add-On Services and their fees.  No one wants to work for free.  So if you need extra work, be respectful of and fair to your cleaner by adding it to the invoice so that he or she is compensated for doing extra work. Being respectful of your cleaner’s time is one of those very important things your house cleaner wished you knew about.


Here at Executive Maids, we train our cleaners to provide you with the best possible cleanings.  They are all wonderful, kind, thoughtful people who will always do a great job for you.  Consideration of their working environment while cleaning your home will create a happy and long-lasting relationship with your cleaner.  And that is always a very good thing!


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