9 Questions to Ask Cleaning Companies8 Questions to Ask Cleaning Companies BEFORE You Hire One


Either you are searching for people to clean your home or you are tired of cleaning your home yourself.  So how do you decide which is the best for your home and your cleaning needs?  Asking these 8 questions of cleaning companies you interview will help you make the best choice in which one to hire.


Read on.  Executive Maids has been cleaning homes just like yours since 1993.  We’ve heard and seen it all.  We feel we are qualified leaders in the industry. 


We’ve written this article to help you so that you know what to ask of prospective house cleaners or professional cleaning companies.


Firstly, we recommend interviewing several cleaners and or professional cleaning services in Coral Springs, FL before making your decision.  Below are 9 questions to ask cleaning companies in Center City, Philadelphia PA.  Take notes.  This will help you compare, not just prices but also many other factors you should consider before deciding which cleaning company you want to hire.


And, we mean this when we say that if you hear information that you question or do not understand, feel free to reach out to us here at Executive Maids.  We’d be glad to help you interpret what a housekeeper or cleaning company told you.  Our goal in making this offer is to help more homeowner to make find not just the best cleaning service, but a SAFE and REPUTABLE cleaning service in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


1. How Long Have You Been In Business?

Why is this important to you?  In the long run you will see that experienced companies have worked out good systems for running their business.  Newer business still have so much to work out.  We do not recommend being a Guinea pig for new businesses.

Executive Maids has been cleaning homes just like yours  professionally since 1993.


2. Who Will Do the Job?

Whether you hire a couple of local cleaning gals or housekeepers or a small local cleaning company or a large franchise cleaning service you want to know who is coming to your home.  How many cleaners in Pompano Beach, FL are going to do the cleaning?  Will they give you their names and pictures in advance of the cleaning?  A reputable cleaning company in Boca Raton, FL should be able to give you both names and pictures.

Executive Maids usually sends 1 or 2 House Cleaning Techs for Initial Cleanings

and 1 for Maintenance cleanings depending on the size of the job.   And, of course,

you are always sent the name/s of your House Cleaning Techs along with their

pictures prior to your cleanings.


3. How Do You Recruit?

If you have hired a company to do the cleaning, they could send a range of employees to complete the job. As you are letting these people into your home, you need to know their credentials. This is why you should question the cleaning company in Boynton Beach, FL on how they recruit.

Any employee should have had a criminal background check. A reputable cleaning company does criminal background checks.  Unfortunately when you hire a local cleaning gal or housekeeper unless you do a criminal background check then you have no idea of her criminal history.

Another consideration is how privacy is dealt with. As a cleaner will be going through your house and personal items, a structure should be in place in which they do not disclose information. Professional Cleaning Companies in Bryn Mawr, PA may have this in place but you may have to agree on this with private housekeepers.

We take hiring very seriously.  We ask a lot of psychological questions at the

interview looking for red flags for behavior unbecoming of an Executive Maid. 

All current and former employers are called to discuss the applicants work ethics,

job performance and attendance.  And finally, we do a thorough background

check to make sure our employees do not have a criminal background.  All of this

helps to ensure you have quality House Cleaning Techs cleaning your home.


4. How Do You Train Your Cleaners?

Many people think that house cleaning in Jenkintown, PA is easy and anyone can do it.  This is absolutely wrong.  Training to clean is essential to make sure your home is cleaned properly.  And it will help prevent damage to your home and the treasures you have in it.

Again, not all cleaning is equal.  Neither is Cleaning Training.  Some house cleaners are self trained or only know as much as they learned growing up.  This is not always enough training to clean your home. A reputable cleaning company in Abington, PA, like Executive Maids gives extensive robust training to their cleaning technicians.  This makes them more valuable to you.

Your home may have expensive appliances or treasures in them.  If so, you’ll want to mention them to the cleaning companies your are interviewing.  You can ask how they would clean them and/or you can tell them your preference of how they should be cleaned.

All Executive Maids go through a rigorous training process beginning with online

video training.  This is followed by a 100 question exam which must be passed with

a score of 92% or higher in order to move onto Field Training.  Field Training consists

of a week-long one-on-one training with one of the Executive Maids Trainers.  By the

end of the week.  All of our House Cleaning Techs have become “Cleaning Ninjas.”


5. Are You Insured?

Hiring a fully insured company that carries both Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance is more important to you than you think it is.

A Professional Cleaning Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL should be insured. If not, it shows they are running an amateur operation. You leave yourself open to a host of legal proceedings.

When they have insurance, the problems shift to their insurance company.  This protection is something that will give you peace of mind when hiring a cleaning service in Delray Beach, FL.

If something of great value is damaged by a cleaning company, they should be covered by Liability Insurance to cover the cost of repairs or replacement.  

Another type of insurance you may not thought of that is very important is Workers Compensation Insurance.  Once a cleaning person is on your property and injures themselves, you are legally responsible. If a cleaner is on your property and falls or gets injured in any way, you will be held responsible for his or her medical bills and quite possible lost wages.  Do you really want to set yourself up for those possibilities?

Many cleaning companies in Rydal, PA will tell you that they are insured.  Don’t take their word for it.  Tell them to send you CERTIFICATES of INSURANCE for Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.  If they cannot produce them, run!  Yes, hiring them will save you money on your cleanings.  Of course it will because they don’t have the expense of paying for insurance.  But, think about it.  Do you want to put you and your home and your finances at risk by hiring an uninsured cleaning service?

Executive Maids is fully bonded, and insured for Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance. 

And, of course, we provide all prospective and new clients our Certificates of Insurance.


6 Communication – Do your house cleaners speak my language?

No matter what your language is, communicating with your cleaners is very important.  If they do not, are speak only a little of your language, this may be problematic.  If you cannot communicate your expectations may not be met.  So be sure to ask the question of the cleaning companies you are interviewing whether the cleaners speak your language.

All Executive Maids speak English.  Some also speak Spanish.


7. What is the Company’s Reputation?

There are numerous places online you can now search for the reputation of the home cleaning companies in Huntingdon Valley, PA you are considering. Luckily, it is harder than ever for the bad ones to hide. You should be able to use a combination of trade sites, Google My Business and Google Reviews to find the best rated.

And, of course, never underestimate word of mouth. Ask friends, family, and even other business owners who they use. They may even give you advice about who to avoid.

Finally, ask the company for their own references. Of course, they are going to be the best ones, but they give you an idea of the kind of clients the company is used to dealing with. Informed decisions about the company you choose can be taken from this.  Finally, be sure to call the references they give you.  Be sure to ask them questions, specific questions.  If they are indeed real clients, they will be able to give you answers to your questions quickly without hesitating.  If they hesitate, they may not be actual clients.

Check out our Google Reviews...And feel free to ask for references.


8. What Is the Process if I Am Not Happy With the Service?

Even if you get the most highly rated home cleaning company in Villanova, PA, a time may come when you are not happy with their service.  After all, you are hiring humans.  And even well-trained humans have occasional oversights.  You may find one-off occasions when things are below par, or it may be a recurring problem. In any eventuality, it helps to know how to handle it.

By following the company complaints procedure you can get your issue dealt with quicker. Any company should be able to tell you how they deal with issues such as this. If not, it may signify they are inexperienced and your problems may take a long time to be resolved.

You will never find a gross oversight.  But if you find something you feel was

not cleaned properly, call within 24 hours so that we can remedy the situation. 

Your House Cleaning Tech will gladly return to clean to your satisfaction. 


9. What Is the Cost?

Clearly we feel that the above-mentioned questions are more important than the question about cost.  Yes the cost is important because everyone has a budget they need to work with.  But, hiring carefully when brining people into your home is paramount.  So ask the above-mentioned questions first.  If you do not get answers that make you feel safe in hiring the company your are interviewing, skip this question and end the interview.

Not all cleaning costs are equal

Below are factors that will determine the cost of your home cleanings.

Cleaning Packages

Cleaning companies in Cherry Hill, NJ generally have different packages to offer you.  You will want to find out exactly what is cleaned with the different packages the cleaning company you are interviewing offers.  

At Executive Maids we have 3 packages to offer our clients.  You can choose from two Initial Cleaning Packages:  The Top to Bottom Deluxe VIP Cleaning or The Basic General Cleaning.  After your initial cleaning has taken place, weoffer Perfect Maintenance Cleanings to those clients who want their home cleaned on a regular basis.


The Size of Your Home is a Factor That Determines The Cost of Cleanings

Again, not all cleanings are equal.  Home sizes range from small apartments to mid to larger homes.   It is a good idea to know the size of your home when calling to interview cleaning companies.  If you do not know the square footage of your home, they can look it up on the internet for you.


Add-On Services

Another question to ask when asking about cost is Add-On Services.  You may think having your oven or refrigerator or windows is included.  But, generally they are not.  So if you need them cleaned, be sure to ask about what add-on services they offer and their costs.


Final Thought About Cost of Cleanings

You may want to get your entire home cleaned the first time your new cleaning company in Moorestown, NJ comes to your home.  But it may in your best interest to clean your home in 2 or more cleanings to bring it up to the cleaning standard you are looking for.  Some homes need a lot of cleaning to do that.  They will take more time to clean and will cost more.  So dividing the initial cleaning into separate sessions might help you.

Click here to get a basic pricing solely based on the square footage of your home. 

And, let’s talk about your home and cleaning needs to get you a more accurate pricing.


Final Thought to Help You Make Your Decision! 

Now you have the questions to ask professional house cleaners in West Palm Beach, FL, you will be better able to find the right company that suits your needs. This will allow you to shop around and find the one for you. We hope that by giving you this list of questions to ask cleaning services in Main Line PA that you are now well-prepared to start your search for the best cleaning company for your home and your needs.

When you are interviewing cleaning companies, if you hear something that does not make sense, feel free to give us a call at Executive Maids.  We have been cleaning homes just like yours since 1993.  We know what is good and acceptable and what is not.  So feel free to ask us.  We are here to help you.

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