Aside from the hangover, how well did you do with the cleanup planning for after your party?

We’re talking about the day or two after the fog has lifted and you are back to functioning normally. If post-party cleanup was that one thing you forgot to include as part of the planning process, are you in for a surprise. House Cleaning after a small, medium or large house party is going to remind you why you don’t do this on a weekly basis. It’s not a fun job regardless of how you tackle it.

Here are a few professional house cleaning service tips to help you get through the cleanup of this one and to help with the planning of the next one.

1 – Disposable Cups, Plates And Flatware Are Your Friends

Save your dishwasher a lot of extra work by ensuring that all the items used for serving and enjoying food and drink can be tossed after use. Sure, if your party guests paid attention to your requests during the evening, they would have filled your garbage bin with all of these items saving you a lot of work post-party clean up. Even if the countertops and tables and window sills still have partially empty disposable cups on them, house cleaning will be fairly easy. Well, until you find the ones that stick to something because of food or booze that spilled somewhere.

2 – Assign Someone To Collect Leftover Food

The second to last person to leave the party should be one of your house cleaning helpers. Hopefully he or she are still coherent enough to gather up all the remaining bowls of chips, dip, finger foods and whatever else will attract flies if you don’t pick up, wrap and refrigerate before turning off the lights and passing out in a corner. Leftovers are nasty if forgotten after the party and discovered a day or two later when cleaning.

3 – Get Trash Out Of The House ASAP

Before you can actually attempt to wipe down counters and all other surfaces, you need a clear plan of attack. The first post-party house cleaning job you should take on is collecting everything that is considered garbage. You may fill numerous bags and that’s okay. Regardless of the volume, once you pick up all the trash, bag it and get it outside. This will give you room to move and a better visual idea of what is left to do.

4 – Clean All Surfaces

With a cleaning cloths, a damp mop, power washer or sandblaster, go from room to room and wipe each and every surface clean. That’s How We Clean At Executive Maids. You are going to encounter some sticky stuff, some crusty stuff and maybe even stuff that can’t be identified with just a single glance. Getting all the surfaces looking close to normal is an important step to follow.

5 – Floors

With a shovel, backhoe or broom, get rid of all debris and trash followed by a good floor cleaning with vacuuming, mopping, or whatever is appropriate for the floor covering you are dealing with.


If none of that sounds fun… you could just hire Executive Maids to clean up for you.