What motivates you to keep your home or office clean?

If your answer involved the phrase “the complaints from others” then you really need to take a closer look at your personal cleaning style. Seriously. Everyone has one and chances are that yours is in need of a tweak or two. Just for fun, let’s take a look at the various cleaning styles that we have managed to identify and see where you sit on the list. You may be a bit surprised.

1 – That Crazy Surface Scrubber Type

If you, or someone you know – and let’s be honest here – grabs a towel or damp rag and feverishly rubs down each and every visible surface with a quick wipe, you may be a Surface Scrubber. The average Surface Scrubber will not give those surfaces the attention they need opting for the optical illusion of cleanliness on just the surfaces you can see from where you are currently seated. Raise your hand if this sounds remotely familiar to you.

2 – That Wacky Deep Cleaner

If the potential of dirt, grime, dust or a fingerprint exists on a surface – usually at the back of something – that you couldn’t see unless furniture and appliances were moved away from the wall, you are the Deep Cleaner. For some of us who know Deep Cleaners, this is a borderline obsessive compulsion and for others it is just par for the course. If you lose sleep at night wondering if that spot underneath a heavy item needs to be cleaned, this is you.

3 – The Leave-It-Until-Later Type

There’s nothing wrong with being a procrastinator – if it’s you we are talking about. But if you live with one and cleaning is one of their chores, be prepared to live in some rather nasty conditions for awhile. Of course, if you don’t mind clutter, piles of dirty dishes and/or clothes blocking entranceways and the smell of decomposition, then we won’t go any further. We’ll get back to you on whether putting off cleaning for any length of time puts you here.

4 – The Priority Cleaner

Hey, we get it. There are times when maybe not all rooms need to be cleaned on the same day. But picking and choosing which ones do based on need and overall ‘yuk factor’ is only going to get half the job done. That’s because if you pick the top two, three or four rooms to clean, the rest of them get extra time to build up their individual ‘yuk factor.’ Sooner or later, your priority list will shift. Sound anything like you at all? If so, this is your cleaning style.