Spring cleaning is all about getting your home ventilated and cleaned of all the stale air and grime accumulated during the winter months. Spring is one season when you want to let in all the fresh air in your home, for which it is first necessary to remove all the obstacles that come in that way. Take a look at the areas in your home that need most cleaning during the spring season –

Doors and Windows – When it comes to spring cleaning, you cannot avoid mentioning doors and windows. As the doors and windows in your home are the primary source of letting fresh air and sunlight pass through your home, spring cleaning allows you to remove every speck of dirt from them that is in any way blocking proper ventilation in your home.

Other Difficult to Reach Places – There many parts in your home which need special attention during spring cleaning, like under the refrigerator, light fixtures, under the bed and carpets etc. These are places that are not usually a part of your regular cleaning routine, and this is what makes them more susceptible to accumulate more dirt during the winter months.

Perks of Spring Cleaning

Increased Productivity – Spring cleaning helps you de-clutter and organize your home after the long spell of winter season. So when your home space is better organized with all the things in place, it makes your days more productive by saving your time from being distracted in any way.

Health Benefits – Spring cleaning, especially if get done through a maid service, helps remove allergens from your house and contributes to the good health of your loved ones in a great way. To add to it, a clean house with clean rooms plays an integral role in getting you a good night’s sleep in many ways. For, when your home is clean, dust free, and de-cluttered, the environment around is ought to be more pleasant and less distractive, making your mental state calmer and allowing you get a good night’s sleep.

Feel Pleasant and Happy – Spring cleaning gives you a great opportunity to go through your closets and drawers to do away with the things that you are no longer using. This is a great thing to do, because hoarding stuff that you no longer need only adds to the mess in your home, and cluttered house often results in a cluttered mind. There is undeniably no better feeling than living in a clean and clutter free home, as a clean home not only de-stresses you mind, but also makes you feel happy with your surroundings.